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Lyudmila Kolomytseva: Vasily Zhuravlev’s participation in City Duma session illegitimate

17:55 | 11.12.2014 | Politics


Penza, 11 December 2014. PenzaNews. Vasily Zhuravlev, member of the presidium of the regional political council of United Russia Party, is not eligible to participate as a deputy in the forthcoming fifth session of Penza City Duma of the sixth convocation, said Lyudmila Kolomytseva, who lost to Vasily Zhuravlev in the City Duma election by two votes, and won the lawsuit canceling the results of voting at polling stations No. 32 and No. 33 in district No. 7.

Lyudmila Kolomytseva: Vasily Zhuravlev’s participation in City Duma session illegitimate

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“Next week there will be a session in the City Duma, and he [Vasily Zhuravlev] should not be allowed to participate. The court’s decision came into force today, so until the recount, I have not lost officially, so as he hasn’t won,” Lyudmila Kolomytseva said after the meeting in Penza regional court, where the appeals of Vasily Zhuravlev and a representative of the regional branch of United Russia Party were reviewed.

According to her, now the main thing is “what the recount shows.”

“I believe that if there was nothing to look for, United Russia Party would not insist so much on the abolition of the recount. If a person is sure that everything is fair, it is more likely that he is interested in the fastest recount to prove that he is occupying the position legally. And if the man is attempting to prevent it in every way filing appeals on the last day, then certain conclusions are made,” Lyudmila Kolomytseva said.

She added that she intends to appear in person at the recount at polling station No. 32.

“I will replace my representative there. As a candidate, I have this right. Some observers told me that at the time of the vote counting after the election, they were placed so far that they could not see the procedure. The other station will be attended by my representative,” Lyudmila Kolomytseva explained.

As news agency PenzaNews reported earlier, Monday, September 15, it became known that Penza Election Commission sent a request to the court for a partial cancellation of the voting in district No.7 — they questioned the validity of the ballots.

According to the regional election committee, in district No. 7 the votes are distributed as follows: Vasily Zhuravlev (United Russia) — 46,59%, Lyudmila Kolomytseva (self-nominated) — 46,52%, Anton Ishchenko (LDPR) — 2,15% and Timur Yusupov (Russian Party of National Control) — 1,64%.

The difference between the two closest rivals made only two voices: Vasily Zhuravlev received 1,453 ballots, Lyudmila Kolomytseva — 1,451.

Later it was reported that Lyudmila Kolomytseva expressed disagreement with the results of the vote counting at two polling stations and also sent a petition to the court.

During the meeting held on Friday, September 19, it was decided to combine the claims for co-production of one civil case.

On September 22, Oktyabrsky district court of Penza annulled election results to the City Duma of the sixth convocation at the polling stations No. 32 and No. 33, and ordered a recount.

On October 22, the first tier court decision on the case of Vasily Zhuravlev and United Russia party were countered.

On December 11, the court commission on administrative cases reviewed the complaints as well as a request from Elena Kosolapova, a person unrelated to the case. They disagreed with the decision of the Oktyabrsky regional court. All three complaints were left unsatisfied.

Moreover, the court discussion denied the decision of the city election committee to set the date of vote recount for the polling stations No. 32 and No. 33 of the district No. 7.

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