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Vadim Dengin, State Duma LDPR deputy, on visit to Penza

10:18 | 10.02.2015 | Politics


Penza, 10 February 2015. PenzaNews. Vadim Dengin, deputy of the Russian Duma, member of the Higher Council of LDPR, arrived to Penza with a two-day business trip early on Tuesday, February 10.

Vadim Dengin, State Duma LDPR deputy, on visit to Penza

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He was met on the Penza-1 Train station by Zhigansha Tuktarov, leader of the LDPR faction of the Penza City Duma.

After welcoming words and a short chat with his party fellow, Vadim Dengin told PenzaNews agency about the aims of his visit to the Penza region. According to him, his main task will be “to shake up the [LDPR] department and make it start a new life.”

“The results we have shown during the election are very low and somewhat shameful for us. Especially when Penza voted well from the start. What was the problem that brought the votes that low? Possibly, unsuccessful management, possibly, regional authorities reluctant to do local work. You must be in the neighborhoods, work with people, visit the houses: this is a work both for the deputies and the regional department. For us, the most important think is to ensure the Party works, solves real questions, and people see it, and that it is not just a representative office for some Party groups,” Vadim Dengin said.

He also added that he arrived to Penza “not to destroy but to create.”

“The problem of many political hotheads: they arrive and try to brand somebody as a target for shame. Here, there is nobody to shame – neither the governor nor the government. You must work to create. You arrive, you begin solving issues. If you see an issue and the governor nor the government works with it, then you must go federal. This is why you need a State Duma deputy, a working deputy,” explained the agency interlocutor.

Vadim Dengin also said he arrived to Penza as a new LDPR curator of the Penza region to replace the State Duma deputy Anton Ischenko.

“I arrived to replace, this is already dealt with. The decision was made by the Party chairman Vladimir (Volfovich) Zhirinovsky himself,” he stated, adding that Penza will join Tatarstan in his two-point list of curated regions.

“I will curate two federal subjects, and will work on it fully and intricately. Today we are meeting the regional department and coordination council,” clarified the State Duma deputy.

According to Vadim Dengin, soon he will have to “restore contacts with people who were illegitimately moved aside.”

“They were paid no attention. I hope we find grounds for a normal constructive dialogue. It is very important for me to avoid any quarrels inside [the Party department]. We have the deputy [of the City Duma, Zhigansha] Tuktarov, who has been in the party for a long time, many people call him our elder, so to say, and a respectable man. We will set our standards on him, on myself, on the regional coordinator [Mikhail Usov], we will cooperate,” added the agency interlocutor.

Vadim Dengin also explained he plans to visit all the areas of the Penza region and meet the citizens during the regional deputy weeks.

He announced he will stay in Penza until Wednesday, February 11. Afterwards, he leaves for Tatarstan, where he plans to observe the current situation, and later return to Moscow.

As PenzaNews agency reported earlier, first news of Vadim Dengin’s visit to Penza as the new LDPR region curator was unanimously submitted on Saturday, February 7. The regional LDPR department declined to comment rumors that Vadim Dengin will replace Anton Ischenko, calling the questions premature.

Vadim (Evgenyevich) Dengin was born in the Kaluga region on September 23, 1980.

In 2004, he graduated from the Moscow State University of Economy, Statistics and Information Technology.

He worked as the senior specialist of the youth committee in the lower branch of the Parliament until being elected the State Duma deputy from the LDPR in the Novosibirsk region in 2011.

He is the first deputy chairman of the Russian Duma committee on information policy, IT and communications, a member of the Higher Council of LDPR, and presides over the youth organization of the Party.

He was one of the deputies who suggested introducing the 90/180 immigration corridor for foreigners moving to Russia without visas, and among those who recommended to ban online companies from storing personal data of Russian users outside the country.

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