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Penza City Duma CPRF fraction head Oleg Shalyapin demands firing vice-mayor Yuri Ilyin

14:20 | 24.04.2015 | Politics


Penza, 24 April 2015. PenzaNews. The head of the CPRF fraction of the Penza City Duma Oleg Shalyapin suggested the deputies to ask the Penza city administration head Yuri Krivov to replace the latter’s deputy on urban issues Yuri Ilyin with a more competent professional.

Penza City Duma CPRF fraction head Oleg Shalyapin demands firing vice-mayor Yuri Ilyin

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“The urban amenities situation is very saddening. You all know well that Yuri Olegovich Ilyin was assigned the office of deputy [head of city administration] on urban issues on September 22 last year. […] Immediately, he began the so-called urban amenities reform. I’ll list some facts. The first things is liquidation, that is, bankruptcy, of 24 urban management companies. What are the results? The city owes 417 million rubles to energy providers. These are not just random figures. I have here decisions of the Arbitration Court that are currently in force. These are only the decisions made during mister Ilyin’s office. ‘What does Ilyin have to do with it,’ you will ask? I think managing the area is his direct responsibility. His silent approval led to these court decisions,” said Oleg Shalyapin during the eighth regular session of the Penza City Duma on Friday, April 24.

He added that the second notable point of Yuri Ilyin’s office was the creation of municipal urban management companies.

As Oleg Shalyapin pointed out, such companies mostly take to service the two-three-floor houses that he called unprofitable.

At the same time, as the Communist faction member said, the management companies are forced to take the economically unreasonable tariff of 12.18 rubles.

“With such a tariff, the city and the municipal enterprises will get 400-450 million rubles of pure losses this year. Which means the total volume of losses for the city budget is nearing 1 billion. And, again, these are not just random figures: it is a reality proven by documents,” stressed the CPRF representative.

The deputy also expressed his outrage at the inability to find 20 million rubles for the dacha owners “to help them use buses on May 1 with ease [to go to dacha], but we are wasting hundreds of millions here.”

“Therefore, my colleagues, I am making an official statement here. I would like to make an offer to vote for it: to present a request to the Penza city administration head Yuri Ivanovich Krivov on relieving the city administration deputy on urban issues Yuri Olegovich Ilyin from the office. I think you all know the governor’s position on this issue,” Oleg Shalyapin said.

Afterwards, a City Duma member explained that each issue to be voted on must undergo the preparation procedure, and added that labor contracts with city officials are managed by the Penza administration and not the City Duma.

“I am not speaking about breaking the [employment] contract. This is not our responsibility, of course. I would like for the deputies to support my initiative to address the Penza city administration head Yuri Ivanovich Krivov with a request to relieve Ilyin from office and hire a more competent professional,” Oleg Shalyapin repeated.

Continuing to explain his stance on Yuri Ilyin’s professional and personal qualities as a regional state servant, the deputy pointed out he “trolls people online in Twitter all day even when he is not related, on political parties, instead of doing the urban issues work.”

“I think he should not occupy such a high post,” the State Duma deputy concluded.

In his turn, the Penza city head Victor Kuvaytsev asked him to follow the session rules and, if possible, discuss the issue after Yuri Ilyin’s report.

At the end of the session, the vice-mayor Yuri Ilyin reported on creating urban management companies, his work on helping people choose management strategy for their apartment buildings, the solid waste issue, street road repairs and cleanup of recreation zones for summer.

At the end of the session, the Penza City Duma, with the exception of Oleg Shalyapin, asked Yuri Ilyin several direct questions and came to a conclusion that the vice-mayor should be given another opportunity to show his work in the office.

The United Russia faction members reminded the CPRF faction head that the mayor Yuri Krivov makes the decision on hiring or relieving Penza city administration deputy heads. 

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