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Penza mayor: Deputy Ilyin wears jeans as instructed by governor

17:13 | 30.04.2015 | Politics


Penza, 30 April 2015. PenzaNews. Yuri Krivov, head of Penza administration, explained why his assistant on city affairs Yuri Ilyin does not always follow the dress code during the working hours.

Penza mayor: Deputy Ilyin wears jeans as instructed by governor

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“Yuri Olegovich, you are wearing a jacket today,” the mayor said jokingly, when asked Yuri Ilyin to speak during a press conference in Penza administration on Thursday, April 30.

After that the journalists laughed.

“It’s a holiday: today is the Firefighters Day,” Yuri Ilyin replied, maintaining a playful mood set by his superior.

“Everyone keeps staring at him... Look, just for you to know, Ilyin wears jeans and no tie as instructed directly by Vasily Kuzmich [Bochkarev, governor of the Penza region],” Yuri Krivov said.

“We know,” several journalists responded immediately.

“Well, some pretend not to know, and post about it on the Internet,” the mayor added.

After this, the press conference continued in the working atmosphere.

On Tuesday, April 28, deputy head of Penza administration Yuri Ilyin and his clothing became the topic of discussion on Twitter. First deputy mayor Viktor Gvozdev posted on the recreation area verification and attached several photographs. On one of them, Yuri Ilyin was pictured in jeans and with no tie. It drew the attention of Sergei Padalkin, head of the press service of the Communist Party regional committee, who offered to buy the deputy head of the city administration a suit.

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