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Ivan Belozertsev held first meeting as Penza region acting governor

15:04 | 26.05.2015 | Politics


Penza, 26 May 2015. PenzaNews. Ivan Belozertsev appointed acting governor of the Penza region, held the first working meeting with members of the regional government, the heads of ministries and departments, as well as the representatives of political parties and non-profit organizations.

Ivan Belozertsev held first meeting as Penza region acting governor

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“Today we have gathered at my initiative to express great gratitude, appreciation to Vasily Bochkarev, who had headed the Penza region for 17 years. You all know that Russia was going through some tough time then. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, there were huge economy problems,” he said, opening the meeting, which took place in the round hall of the government of the Penza region on Tuesday, May 26.

Ivan Belozertsev noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin showed great confidence by appointing him acting governor, but no less important, he said, is the support of the people of the region.

“I am definitely going to the election, participating in the election. I hope that other political parties will nominate candidates as well,” he added.

During the meeting, Ivan Belozertsev awarded Vasily Bochkarev Order “For Services to the Penza region” I degree. Also, the former governor was awarded the medal of the Russian Municipal Academy for the contribution to the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Victory and the Medal of the International Assembly of capitals and large cities for his contribution to the development of inter-city cooperation.

In addition, Vasily Bochkarev received a souvenir made by Nikolsky glass-blowing artists.

The words of gratitude to the ex-governor were said by Belinsky district administration head Vasily Chernyshov, chairman of the regional Chamber of Commerce Vladimir Podobed, and rector of the Penza State University, member of the Legislative Assembly Alexander Gulyakov.

According to Vladimir Podobed, for the years in the office, Vasily Bochkarev significantly changed the region's potential in all spheres, including the economy.

“Wage debts, rallies, strikes on the main square are long gone,” he stressed.

In turn, Alexander Gulyakov expressed the opinion that the main achievement of Vasily Bochkarev, in addition to material well-being of the Penza region, is people's approval and respect of the elites.

Then, Vasily Bochkarev took turn. He admitted that the gubernatorial duties were a hard work.

“Some say 'Bochkarev had no team.' The re was the team. Yes, I had to change the members because I was a maximalist and still am one. I wanted everyone to run along with me. But it does not work like that. Of course, some could not keep up and I had to remove them and look for new people. Life was like a race,” he said.

Vasily Bochkarev also expressed confidence that Ivan Belozertsev will continue developing the region.

“I believe that Ivan Alexandrovich [Belozertsev] together with the team and the administration will support all ongoing projects that we had, and the Penza region will be as flourishing as the neighboring regions,” he concluded.

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