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Communists consider rumors of Ischenko supported by Shpigel plausible

20:08 | 17.06.2015 | Politics


Penza, 17 June 2015. PenzaNews. The Penza Communists think that the case when the ex-senator Boris Shpigel speaks in support of the State Duma deputy of the Saratov region as a candidate for the gubernatorial election in the Penza region is entirely plausible. Ischenko’s candidacy was unanimously supported by the LDPR Supreme Council.

Communists consider rumors of Ischenko supported by Shpigel plausible

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“The campaign for the gubernatorial election in the Penza region started only recently, but is already bringing on some completely unexpected surprises. The local forums and the circles close to the Penza politics, in particular, debate over many fantastical versions over the future of the former head of the Sura region [Vasily Bochkarev]. Down to the rumors that Bochkarev may return and again apply for the governor’s seat. Still, there are some fairly realistic and plausible opinions. According to one of them taken from the Penza online forums, Boris Shpigel is actively supporting the LDPR candidate Anton Ischenko,” says the message by the press office of the Penza region CPRF committee distributed on Wednesday, June 17.

They remind the readers that Boris Shpigel, known as “the Pharmaceutical King,” is the president of the International Congress of Russian-Speaking Jewry, the ally of the former Penza region governor Vasily Bochkarev and “one of the heads of the world Zionist movement who earned millions by selling cheap medicine to the poor at high prices.”

“And now Shpigel is allegedly helping Ischenko fight for the Penza governor’s seat. And, perhaps, he is also assisted by the ex-governor who probably holds a grudge for some reason,” says the press release.

“Anton Ischenko is known for his somewhat ‘extravagant’ behavior: he had applied for a seat in the Penza City Duma and said he’s ready to exchange the place in the State Duma for that in the Penza City one, had spoken that Penza is in danger of turning into Kuschevka, and so on. Moreover, the (until recently) owner of ‘Roskontract’ group even owns a land plot on Mars. In other words, he is a one weird fellow. And now, with the support of the two aforementioned figures, he wants to get to the top of the Penza regional authority,” the message adds.

The members of the Communist Party think that if the all the aforementioned facts are indeed true, this means the likes of Anton Ischenko have no place even in the list of candidates for the Penza region gubernatorial election.

They urged the citizens to support “not the people brought forward by money or the ruling party with its branches” but a candidate of the Communist Party they plan to name during the regional conference on Friday, June 26. 

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