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“A Just Russia” party in Penza suggests Gennady Yeroshin as candidate for governor

13:49 | 25.06.2015 | Politics


Penza, 25 June 2015. PenzaNews. The Penza region branch of “A Just Russia Party” named Distinguished Doctor of the CIS Gennady Yeroshin, head of the management department of the regional war veterans hospital, who is currently not affiliated with any political party, as a potential candidate for the gubernatorial election in the Penza region, as Valery Plakhuta, chairman of the regional party branch council and director of “Anshlag” advertising agency, told “PenzaNews.”

“A Just Russia” party in Penza suggests Gennady Yeroshin as candidate for governor

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“The regional party branch held a session on Wednesday, June 24, where we reviewed the candidacy of Gennady Yeroshin. People could ask him questions, exchange opinions about his plans to promote the party’s identity and himself,” the speaker said.

As a result of the open voting, the candidacy of Gennady Yeroshin will be submitted to the presidium of the Central Council of “A Just Russia” party for review, which will be followed by a conference in Penza.

“Only then will we decide if he becomes our candidate or not,” Valery Plakhuta stressed.

The party conference is scheduled for Saturday, July 4, he said.

“It will open with a mandate committee session, then a review of local departments in the region, then the delegates will confirm their authority, and then the closed vote goes,” he briefed PenzaNews agency on the agenda of the upcoming meeting.

When asked to describe their choice of a non-affiliated candidate as a representative of “A Just Russia” for the gubernatorial election, Valery Plakhuta said that “Gennady Yeroshin is a very respected person.”

“I think it’s hard to find somebody who’d be able to rival the Distinguished Doctor of the CIS right now, both among our candidates and our political competitors. He was the deputy chairman in the previous convocation of the Legislative Assembly. […] Among those who are here, he is the most respected one today who sides with our actions, our strategy, our objectives,” the chairman of “A Just Russia” regional branch concluded.

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