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United Russia in Penza supports Valery Lidin as new Legislative Assembly speaker

13:24 | 03.07.2015 | Politics


Penza, 3 July 2015. PenzaNews. The deputy chairman of the Penza region legislative assembly was promoted to lead the regional parliament. The motion was made during the 20th conference of the Penza region branch of the United Russia held at the Lermontov regional library on Friday, July 3.

United Russia in Penza supports Valery Lidin as new Legislative Assembly speaker

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“Following the Party regulations, the candidacy shall be promoted by the conference of the regional branch through an alternative process and submitted to the United Russia faction for the promotion at the session of the Legislative Assembly,” said Larisa Ryabikhina, deputy secretary of the regional branch of United Russia in public relations, acting chief of governor’s and government staff.

Valery Lidin as a candidate was supported by the acting governor Ivan Belozertsev, leader of the United Russia branch in Penza, recently a speaker in the regional parliament.

“I am suggesting Valery Kuzmich Lidin. You all know him well. He was born and raised in our Penza region. He was an active politician in the Soviet times as well. Right now, he is the first deputy chairman of the Legislative Assembly. I would like to ask you to support him,” the acting governor told the delegates at the United Russia conference.

In his turn, Victor Kondrashin, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, regional parliament deputy, member of the social policy committee, head of the Russian History, Local Lore and History Teaching department at the Penza State University, suggested Vladimir Kirillov, his colleague in the Legislative Assembly, as an alternative candidate.

“I am suggesting another candidate – a very worthy Penza region citizen, our colleague, Vladimir Pavlovich Kirillov,” he said.

Following that, Valery Lidin went to the podium to make a speech.

“I do have a program, and the wishes, but, taking the wishes of both Ivan Alexandrovich [Belozertsev] and the colleagues, I’d like to say that all the objectives for the Penza region Legislative Assembly are well outlined by the head document – the Charter of the Penza region. Over the years, the past years, this document continued to evolve,” he noted, stressing that he thinks his main mission in the position as “preserving all the good that was created by the deputies of the previous convocations and their colleagues at present.”

“However, I will first of all do my duties honestly and in full,” Valery Lidin emphasized.

In his turn, Vladimir Kirillov addressed the audience with a request to vote for Valery Lidin as a person that has more experience for such a high-ranking position.

“Good day to you, dear colleagues! Thank you for your trust. I would like to ask you to support Valery Kuzmich Lidin as the candidate. There is no one else who deserves it the most here. Thank you,” he said.

After no other suggestions came, Larisa Ryabikhina motioned to choose Valery Lidin and Vladimir Kirillov as the candidates for the closed vote to choose the new chairman of the Penza region Legislative Assembly.

Based on the results of the committee, there were 211 ballots; 209 of them were cast and no were found void. Valery Lidin received 198 votes, Vladimir Kirillov 11.

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