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United Russia chooses Ivan Belozertsev as candidate for governor’s election

15:05 | 03.07.2015 | Politics


Penza, 3 July 2015. PenzaNews. The United Russia party has officially chosen Ivan Belozertsev, secretary of the regional party office, current acting governor of the Penza region, as their candidate for the upcoming gubernatorial election, according to the decision made at the 20th Penza party branch conference held at the Lermontov regional library on Friday, July 3.

United Russia chooses Ivan Belozertsev as candidate for governor’s election

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Before the main point in the day’s agenda, the delegates discussed the key issues of the election campaign.

In particular, Ivan Belozertsev pointed out they must do everything to improve the life of every individual resident of the Penza region in spite of the tough economic situation.

“For us today, development of industry and agriculture and work in import replacement is vital. It is very important for the Penza region that has no notable preference sources. By preserving and boosting production, we will supply our budget and therefore follow up on all social obligations to our people and improve the quality of their lives,” stressed the acting governor.

The Penza region has good potential, he added.

“We have over 2,000 large and small industrial enterprises that provide over 100,000 jobs. The industrial complex releases goods for over 80 billion rubles and is involved for about 11 billion 600 million rubles of foreign trade volume a year. The industry is responsible for nearly 40% of the total tax income of the budget. These figures once again show us how much the region seeks to strengthen its industry field,” said the head of the region.

Among the key issues for the regional authorities, Ivan Belozertsev placed emphasis on the development of agricultura, construction, urban amenities, healthcare and education.

“The problem is the same everywhere: lack of qualified professionals, not just engineers, but also workers. I am not going to repeat the already known facts about a surplus of lawyers, economists, about the fallen prestige of the worker’s craft. We all know that, and we must change it, even though it’s a matter of fact. We are in dire need of not just professionals with a set of technical skills, but also people who think new. And we must begin the process from the teachers themselves,” he noted.

Moving on to the main point of the agenda, Larisa Ryabikhina, deputy secretary of the regional branch of United Russia in public relations, acting chief of governor’s and government staff, announced the results of the primaries.

The winning candidates of the intra-party first-tour vote on June 5-18, she reminided, are Ivan Belozertsev, Vladimir Podobed and Nikolai Kotov, who received the most support of the voters. Afterwards, each of them had an opportunity to speak.

The first one to express himself to the delegates was Nikolai Kotov, Legislative Assembly deputy, chairman of the Penza region workers unions association, co-chairman of the regional APF branch.

“There is no doubt we have a clear leader, a worthy leader: Ivan Alexandrovich Belozertsev. We have discussed the results of the primaries in the workers unions association, and today I express my support for Ivan Alexandrovich Belozertsev to be promoted for the election as the Penza region governor,” he said.

The speech of Vladimir Podobed, chairman of the Penza Chamber of Commerce and Industry, was also brief.

“Many suggestions voiced during the debates were included in the election campaign program, and I see the primaries as a sort of rehearsal to the election. The head of the region had been appointed by the President from 2005 to 2014. The President has made his statement: he suggested Ivan Alexandrovich Belozertsev,” he said, asking the delegates to support the named candidate.

In his turn, Ivan Belozertsev stressed he understands the responsibility of the governor, both to the Russian President and the citizens of the Penza region.

Afterwards, the former governor of the Penza region, member of the United Russia party Supreme Council Vasily Bochkarev had an opportunity to make a speech.

“A governor is not doing his job – he is bearing his cross. He himself, his family, his relatives, his friends also feel its weight. After me – of course I have no doubt that Ivan Alexandrovich will win the election – is going to bear it too. I would like to ask you to support him as the candidate,” he said, urging the delegates to assist Ivan Belozertsev wherever needed and support him with valuable critique that would allow him to improve his results.

The secret vote was registered for 211 ballots. 209 of them were used, none deemed void.

As a result, Ivan Belozertsev received 240 votes, Nikolai Kotov 2, Vladimir Podobed 3.

At the end of the conference, the delegates decided to approve the motion to choose Ivan Belozertsev as the candidate for the gubernatorial election and submit the protocol of the regional branch conference to the General Council of United Russia for candidate approval.

Larisa Ryabikhina congratulated Ivan Belozertsev from the name of all party members.

“We understand that your responsibility is twice as big, as we are promoting our party branch leader to struggle for the Penza region governor’s position,” she stressed.

In return, Ivan Belozertsev once again thanked everyone for support.

“Such a unanimous vote is very important for me. I understand the grand responsibility. I will work in our cities and areas harder and more frequently, visit the enterprises, meet the businessmen, hear and listen to the current issues. I will make sure to ask you for advice – my activities will be open, and I hope that with your support I will win the September 13 election. And if I indeed do that, and I believe in it, I will be looking forward to cooperating with you and relying on you in the future, as there is no other way to develop the Penza region,” he concluded.

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