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Ivan Belozertsev submits for registration as gubernatorial election candidate

10:55 | 06.07.2015 | Politics


Penza, 6 July 2015. PenzaNews. Ivan Belozertsev, acting governor of the Penza region and leader of the local United Russia party branch who had been promoted as the party candidate during the September 13 primaries, submitted the required application documents to the regional election committee on Monday, July 6.

Ivan Belozertsev submits for registration as gubernatorial election candidate

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He provided the materials at 8.52 am, according to a note made in the confirmation form.

Following that, the deputy chairman of the Penza region election committee Alexei Klimukhin named each of the documents.

During the procedure, Ivan Belozertsev was asking the questions about the formalities of the gubernatorial election candidate registration process, and shared an anecdote from his past related to the vote recount issue.

“The ballot paper processing systems should be something good, I think,” Ivan Belozertsev continued.

In return, Alexei Klimukhin noted that “the voting centers of Penza are seeking to get them.”

“Everybody wants one, but we only have 35 units for the whole city,” he explained, adding that “Zarechny has it the best: they got 26 units at once, and they are not giving them away.”

The document submission procedure concluded at 9.34 am.

After Ivan Belozertsev has compared and confirmed the document numbers in the written-down papers, he thanked the staff of the regional election committee for quick and quality work.

“I hope these election will go fully according the electoral legislation,” he stressed, saying he already instructed the United Russia party headquarters to observe the law in full.

“I would like to believe that my colleagues representing other political parties will also follow the electoral legislation in full. It is also important as the people are going to watch the process and see primacy of the word of law on the Penza land,” the acting governor emphasized.

In conclusion, Alexei Klimukhin informed Ivan Belozertsev that the session of the Penza region election committee of the Penza region on providing a permission to open a dedicated election campaign bank account, registration of a financial representative, and registration of the trustees would be held on Tuesday, July 7.

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