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“A Just Russia” in Penza promotes Gennady Yeroshin as gubernatorial election candidate

18:02 | 04.07.2015 | Politics


Penza, 4 July 2015. PenzaNews. Gennady Yeroshin, Distinguished Doctor of the CIS, head of the management department of the regional war veterans hospital, who is currently not affiliated with any political party, was officially named the candidate of “A Just Russia” party for the Penza region gubernatorial election during the conference held at the cinema and concert hall “Oktyabr” on Saturday, July 4.

“A Just Russia” in Penza promotes Gennady Yeroshin as gubernatorial election candidate

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During the opening of the event, Alexei Demkin, “A Just Russia” regional branch council member, mentioned that the event attracted 21 delegates who represent 328 members of the Penza region party branch.

Afterwards, Valery Plakhuta, board chairman of “A Just Russia” regional branch, director of “Anshlag” adversising agency, announced that one of the guests of the conference is Alexander Sinyukov, member of the regional election committee with decisive vote right. Next, he presented Gennady Yeroshin to the audience.

Moreover, the delegates elected the secretary of the event, Alexei Demkin, and also chose the contents of mandate and calculation committees, each three persons large.

While the mandate committee reviewed the documents required for the vote, Valery Plakhuta briefed the audience on the results of the party branch activities.

In particular, he reminded the delegates about the failures of “A Just Russia” during the Duma election and the municipal election.

“Sergei Mironov, the leader of our party, gave a very negative evaluation in regards to the work of yours truly, as we got no seats at all. I think these words were deserved,” he said.

According to Valery Plakhuta, the regional branch of the party requires more activity during the election campaign period.

“We realize that a victory requires the team, the money, and a unified stance over the issues of the local level that we have to solve,” said the politician.

He also described the events that the regional branch of “A Just Russia” was and will be organizing in the future.

After the mandate committee confirmed the legitimacy of the conference, the delegates moved on to the closed-vote promotion of the candidate for the Penza region gubernatorial election.

Valery Plakhuta informed the audience that the search for the candidate involved special consulting and a dedicated session of the regional committee that chose Gennady Yeroshin, a candidacy later approved by the Presidium of “A Just Russia” Central Headquarters in Moscow.

In his turn, Gennady Yeroshin thanked the people for their trust and told them of his achievements in medicine.

“It appears to me it is the time when a monopoly of a single party may lead to a result that is not that good and not that peasant. Every man and his brother struggle to reach for the power through United Russia, I am convinced,” he said.

According to the Distinguished Doctor of the CIS, the leaders of the state must not be the leaders of political parties at the same time.

“Only then will we keep the semblance of democracy,” he stressed.

Gennady Yeroshin said he aims to dedicate his work as a gubernatorial candidate on ecology, healthcare and education issues.

After a break and a closed vote between 21 delegates, Gennady Yeroshin received 20 ballots in his support, and a single ballot was deemed void.

The conference agreed to approve of the protocol of the closed vote.

“We must increase the work in public relations of ‘A Just Russia’ party. Then we will have it easier to work. We need to have at least 5,000 people in the regional branch. So each delegate should seek to attract about ten people to our side,” Gennady Yeroshin concluded.

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