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Vladimir Simagin submits documents for gubernatorial election registration

17:52 | 06.07.2015 | Politics


Penza, 6 July 2015. PenzaNews. The State Duma deputy Vladimir Simagin who was announced as the candidate of the Communist Party at the 39th CPRF conference submitted the documents for registration as a candidate to the regional election committee on Monday, July 6.

Vladimir Simagin submits documents for gubernatorial election registration

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He brought in the papers at 14.59, according to the notes made in the confirmation forms.

During the document processing procedure that began at 15,00, the deputy chairman of the Penza region election committee Alexei Klimukhin named each of them.

“We will cross-check the truthfulness of the provided documents with the relevant bodies and organizations. We will have around eight checks to make,” he stressed, adding that the information about any discrepancies will be made public.

The documents were finally accepted at 15.12.

After that, Alexei Klimukhin told Vladimir Simagin that the session of the Penza region election committee of the Penza region on providing a permission to open a dedicated election campaign bank account, registration of a financial representative, and registration of the trustees would be held at 16.00 of Tuesday, July 7.

After the procedure, the CPRF deputy of the State Duma asked about choosing an appropriate moment to open the election campaign bank account.

“You can do it as soon as tomorrow, just don’t forget to inform the election committee about opening the bank account within a three-day period,” Alexei Klimukhin replaied.

The candidate himself need not be present in the bank when opening the account, he added.

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