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Penza region keeps high-stability status in regional rating

11:05 | 07.07.2015 | Politics


Penza, 7 July 2015. PenzaNews. The Penza region returned to the group of federal regions with high social and political stability where it currently occupies the first position, twenty lines above its standing a month ago, according to the results of “Petersburg Politics” foundation June 2015 research.

Penza region keeps high-stability status in regional rating

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The analysts concluded that the Penza region was positively affected by the decision of the Russian government to allocate a subsidy to ease labor market tension, including its support of “Penzadieselmash”; the talks between the acting governor Ivan Belozertsev and representatives of “Khrombur” industrial complex on foundation of a metal-rolling factory in Kamenka; and a visit of a Danish business delegation interested in potential dairy farming business cooperation.

Moreover, the region benefited from a signed cooperation agreement between the Penza city administration and the regional Industry Workers Association, and the plans of a joint Russian-Chinese enterprise “Lianbang” to build a satellite apartment zone in Penza.

The analysts also took into account the fact that the Penza region went up six places, from 55th to 49th, in the RIA Rating social and economic standing rating compared to 2013.

The analysts also found positive that the federal region was named among the places with comfortable business conditions compiled by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives.

Among the events that negatively affected the standing of the Penza region were the complaints of the local residents over the increased public transportation fare on June 1, as well as it occupying the 74-75th place in the RIA Rating debt load standing of social and economic development.

Another negative aspect was the 75th place of the region in the healthcare situation rating of the Institute of Strategic Communications and Social Projects.

Among other notable events of the year’s June was the submission of gubernatorial election documents by Zhigansha Tuktarov, head of LDPR faction in the Penza City Duma, board chairman of the charity fund “Siyanie.”

These also include the decision of the two political parties, United Russia and “A Just Russia,” to choose Ivan Belozertsev, acting governor and secretary of the regional party branch; and Gennady Yeroshin, Distinguished Doctor of the CIS, deputy head of the management department of the regional war veterans hospital; as their candidates for the election respectively.

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