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Penza Communists to soon move to new building designed after Moscow Kremlin

09:35 | 29.07.2015 | Politics


Penza, 29 July 2015. PenzaNews. The Penza branch of the Communist Party plans to move in early September to a new building on Kirova street, 24B, that will be designed in Kremlin style, Georgy Kamnev, first secretary of the party’s regional committee, regional Legislative Assembly deputy, told PenzaNews during a regular visit to the location that is currently undergoing repairs.

Penza Communists to soon move to new building designed after Moscow Kremlin

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According to him, the construction workers that come from different brigades and companies chosen through a procurement procedure assure the Party branch that everything will be completed before the deadline, in spite of the seemingly big to-do list before the move that includes both interior and exterior works.

“We plan to move in here around early September. We scheduled a plenary meeting of the regional committee on September 19 that will review such points as the results of the gubernatorial elections and current issues,” the speaker said, explaining that this decision was made during the June meeting.

The new two-floor brickwork building with an additional roof floor is 2.5 times bigger than the current location of the CPRF regional committee on Darvina proyezd, he pointed out.

“400 sq. meters and city center here, 170 sq. meters and private homes sector there. I think there’s no need to list the advantages of the new location. Moreover, we have 11 ares of land, and there less than six. So we will have no issues in placing a parking lot here,” Georgy Kamnev stressed.

He placed particular emphasis on the fact that the change of place was made possible only thanks to the dedicated decision of the party leadership that praised the work of Communists in the region in such fields as defending the rights and interests of workers and the socially disadvantaged.

“From all Communists of the Penza region, I would like to express most profound gratitude to the CPRF Central Committee, the party’s authorities and personally to its leader, Gennady Andreevich Zyuganov, for praising our work and purchasing this wonderful building in Penza center for the regional committee,” Georgy Kamnev said.

According to him, the first floor will be used for the foyer, the meeting hall for vicitors, the city committee and the Youth Communist League offices, the audit and revision committee, the press service, the Communist Party newspaper editorial office, and a storage area for all equipment, including risograph devices and Xerox machines.

“The second floor will have the administration department led by the Penza city Duma deputy Oleg Shalyapin. It will also feature the office of the State Duma deputy Vladimir Simagin, the accounts department, the office of the first secretary, the meeting hall, and a mess hall for the regional committee,” the Penza Communist Party branch leader explained.

He also told PenzaNews agency about the plans to decorate the corridors with pictures of key events and personalities of the 20th century, including the Soviet state servants and party officials who provided invaluable assistance to formation and development of the Penza region.

“On the staircase between the floors, on the most viewed wall, we would like to place the portraits of two notable personalities, commemorate the legacy of Victor Ivanovich Ilyukhin [former State Duma deputy, contestant of Vasily Bochkarev during the 2002 gubernatorial election] and Boris Fedorovich Zubkov [last first secretary of the Penza regional party committee in the Soviet Union],” Georgy Kamnev said.

Describing the exterior design of the building, he showed an album with several sketches, and mentioned that the final decision was cast in favor of a daring design inspired by the Moscow Kremlin.

“Of course we could do it simple – just paint the building yellow or white and stop at that. But we decided that if we are going to do something, we must do something that would attract attention without being overly complicated. This is the result we think we will achieve. The building will be beautiful, interesting, and attract attention of Penza region residents and guests. It will be designed after the Kremlin: see, here is the wall with the dovetail elements. So the Penza will have its own Kremlin, with the Communists in this Kremlin,” the speaker jested.

According to him, they will install three flagpoles with the Victory Banner and the flags of the Soviet Union and the CPRF to the right of the entrance, with the Joseph Stalin monument not too far away.

“Our area will be guarded off with low metal fence with the entrance perpendicular to the monument. So the Joseph Stalin monument will be oriented at all entering guests and face the Vladimir Lenin monument by the government hall on Moskovskaya street. In other words, Stalin will look at Lenin, Lenin will look at Stalin, and the street named after Sergei Kirov, famous Soviet revolutionary and ardent supporter of Lenin’s ideas, will bring them together. I think this is a very symbolic composition,” Georgy Kamnev stressed.

He also recalled his commentary on the decision to move the Joseph Stalin monument to the Penza city center and said he has no intention to raise this topic again after that.

After the PenzaNews agency reporter asked Georgy Kamnev about a possible reiteration of the Lipetsk case, where the local authorities recently had ordered to remove a Joseph Stalin monument installed by their Communist Party supporters, the speaker expressed his belief that such a situation would likely not be repeated here.

“I think this is out of the question, as the situations are entirely different. As far as I am informed, the monument in Lipetsk was place without an agreement with the city administration and on municipal land, not on land in private property. In my opinion, their municipality – especially in the year of the 70th Victory’s anniversary, which is why the monument was installed – should have found a legal compromise to avoid removing the monument, like temporarily or permanently providing the land for that – find some options to preserve the memory of the people, the veterans who went through the Second World War – which is why the monument was installed in the first place,” the leader of the Penza Communist Party branch said.

He also suggested those who like to fight against monuments and rewrite history to review the most recent history of Ukraine to see where it leads.

“We will be installing the Joseph Stalin monument on our own land – the land that belongs to our Party, so I don’t think the Penza city administration will be asking the questions that were asked in Lipetsk. Moreover, the monument will stand on the second line of the street arrangement. If we had something on the first line, there could be some issues, but we have the fireworks shop there,” Georgy Kamnev stressed.

Answering the question about the safety of such neighborhood with a fireworkds shop, the first secretary of the Penza region CPRF branch jested that “its owners take all the necessary precautions and nothing bad will happen to them.”

“And as for security as a whole, I will point out that we pay great attention to it. We decided to install CCTV cameras on the perimeter, including one pointed right at the Joseph Stalin monument to deter any provocations,” the speaker said, noting that the interior halls will also be under video surveillance.

Discussing the fate of the current CPRF committee building, Georgy Kamnev said it will be sold as decided in autumn 2014.

“By the way, that was when I publicly announced that we will move the Joseph Stalin monument with us if we find a new separate building. As you can see, here is the building, and therefore the monument will soon be standing by this building,” the Communist concluded.

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