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Frolenkov explained content of his discussion with Pulikovsky in Penza region government

14:21 | 30.07.2015 | Politics


Penza, 30 July 2015. PenzaNews. The head of the regional branch for the civil movement “For nationalization and deprivatization of country’s strategic reserves,” member of initiative group for referendum “For Responsible Authorities,” Alexander Frolenkov, former promoted candidate for the Penza region gubernatorial election from “CHESTNO” party that received no signatures in his support from municipal deputies to bypass the so-called “municipal filter,” told PenzaNews about the contents of his July 30 discussion with the deputy chairman of the regional government Sergei Pulikovsky during their meeting he was invited on late Tuesday.

Frolenkov explained content of his discussion with Pulikovsky in Penza region government

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According to the opposition politician, he was mostly accused of promoting himself too late and “going for elections without negotiating it with us.”

“Even though he [Sergei Pulikovsky] is on vacation, since the [Russian] presidential administration is informed of the situation, he was summoned and asked to talk to me. So there was a talk. Even at its end, both of us remained at one’s stance. They advised me to ‘take a deep breath’ and calm down,” the speaker said.

However, Alexander Frolenkov refused to name other participants of the discussion at the Penza region government hall, saying their surnames “will give nothing,” and also described the main topics of the dialogue in evasive terms.

“The talk was between us two… the people. Of course he blamed me, I blamed him. We told each other all we thought. I think I won in this election. I was not even allowed to take part in it. If you fight, fight fair. And here it seems like the fighter goes to the ring and gets defeated with a banned trick. Normally, the judge disqualifies the person that makes it and the other person is declared the winner,” the former candidate described.

He added that the current situation may just as well end in “stopping this whole show so as not to spend taxpayers’ money and pronounce myself the governor.”

“They laughed, of course, heard me out. I was told I should have applied earlier, talked to them., If I had addressed them, I would have likely bypassed the ‘municipal filter.’ Received help, like other parties,” the speaker clarified.

“They could locate me on their own if they wanted. They did not think me worthy. All other parties came to bow to them,” Alexander Frolenkov stressed.

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