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Deputies discuss fourteen questions, including ex-governor’s pension, during session

14:21 | 07.08.2015 | Politics


Penza, 7 August 2015. PenzaNews. The deputies of the Penza region Legislative Assembly discussed 14 law drafts in the schedule of the regular 28th session during the session of committee on state construction and local municipality held on Friday, August 7.

Deputies discuss fourteen questions, including ex-governor’s pension, during session

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Elena Stolyarova gave a report on the first issue, the draft “On introducing amendments to the Art. 6 of the law ‘On Penza region governor’”.

“The amendments suggest to provide the Penza region government rights to choose ways and amount of monthly insurance pension for the former governor and monthly and singular payments to the governor’s family after his demise,” she said.

Elena Stolyarova also added that the amendments offer to add at 10,000 ruble pension for the ex-governor to cover his bills.

“Formerly, it covered for 50% of expenses,” she reminded.

Georgy Kamnev of the CPRF faction expressed his opinion on that.

“How much do you think a former governor needs? If you consider it all, transportation, gas, and the rest?” he asked Elena Stolyarova.

In return, she said this will amount to only 75% of the original pension, but struggled to list the concrete figures.

“It is a difficult question now. I will answer you at the session,” she noted.

Georgy Kamnev also asked her if the former governor has any duties remaining, and the acting Minister of Labor answered in the negative, saying he will be a pensioner.

“If he takes any office, municipal or federal, the pensions get canceled. After leaving the office, he may ask for resumption,” Elena Stolyarova added.

Hearing this answer, the leader of the Communist faction in Penza called such a decision amoral.

“I’ve been reading the reports on economy situation in the country and here in the Penza region. Setting such high payments is just amoral. Food prices grow, all prices grow! Salaries of teachers and social workers go down. And here we have such bonuses!” he said.

The row was disrupted by Vadim Supikov, head of the regional United Russia faction.

“Georgy Petrovich, pardon me. Let us continue the Q&A as the committee states. Your words are a policy discussion,” he noted.

Georgy Kamnev disagreed to that, saying the money will be issued from the regional budget that is supplied by taxpayers.

Vadim Supikov replied by saying this sum for the ex-governor will be relatively small.

“Governor’s salary, 230,000. 75% if he works full time. 55% if less than three years. […] No tens of thousands there. And today, as you see, our former governor [Vasily Bochkarev] goes to work, they say, to the Federation Council, so this is a general measure. And this is analogous to the federal law,” he stressed.

Georgy Kamnev asked on possible spending for such money.

“How will they spend it? How will you spend it? For balloons? For children? This is a governor, you understand. He is a high-ranking official. It would be a shame if the region would not care after him. See how much he did to the region, in billions,” Vadim Supikov concluded, adding that the discussion went off the topic.

However, he noted that the project was fast-tracked.

“I don’t know the reason for the rush. Please rectify the faults before the session with the [Penza region] prosecutor if any arise,” the United Russia party member added.

The vote followed, during which four of the five members of the committee voted in favor of including this in the schedule, and Georgy Kamnev against.

Afterwards, the deputies discussed other issues, including appointment of a new regular judge in the Penza region, along with changes to public protests rules to make the local rules compliant to the federal legislation.

Moreover, the deputies agreed to discuss the law drafts on naming the Bashmakovo village school No. 1 after the Hero of the Soviet Union Konstantin Molokhov and the secondary school of Kondol Village after the Hero of the Soviet Union Mikhail Osipov, and naming the EMERCOM cadet school No. 70 after the 70th anniversary of the Victory in The Second World War.

Moreover, as several deputies left their mandates, Sergei Kazakov was suggested to be added to the social policy committee, and Oleg Kuroedov was moved to the committee on state construction and local municipality.

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