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Gennady Yeroshin calls “A Just Russia” poverty-struck organization

23:18 | 13.09.2015 | Politics


Penza, 13 September 2015. PenzaNews. Distinguished Doctor of the CIS, head of the management department of the regional war veterans hospital Gennady Yeroshin, candidate for the gubernatorial election for “A Just Russia” party with 1.31% of the vote as of 23.00 of September 13, called his representative party “a poverty-struck organization.”

Gennady Yeroshin calls “A Just Russia” poverty-struck organization

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“Maybe ‘A Just Russia’ that promoted me and that I represent simply lacked the cash – for transportation and so on and so forth. A poverty-struck organization, it appears. What else to say? Poor,” he claimed during the briefing meeting held in the regional election committee in the evening of Sunday, September 13.

According to Gennady Yeroshin, the party invited him to be the gubernatorial candidate “for my past merits.”

He also compared this election campaign with his past experience and praised its organization.

“I’m somewhat confused at the moment. Don’t know why. Maybe because it’s passed already, and relaxation kicked in. And yet the election campaign went well overall, a very friendly one, without any violence over a man’s identity,” Gennady Yeroshin stressed.

He also added he cannot imagine his life without the society.

“Getting squeezed somewhere between the walls, sleeping for days is not in my character. I already got into the deputy’s work. I was pushed away from the Legislative Assembly for this convocation, but I’m still the assistant to the State Duma deputy. I’m meeting people, there are very serious orders, and I’m still up for work. As long as my head is clear and working, I will keep helping people,” Gennady Yeroshin concluded.

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