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“Communists of Russia” decide to join in on Yuri Ilyin blame parade

12:40 | 11.10.2015 | Politics


Penza, 11 October 2015. PenzaNews. The political party “Communists of Russia” – a “spoiler party,” as politicians and experts agree, that remained socially and politically latent in the Penza region for at least a year – finally chose to attract public attention through media by publishing a letter from their leader Maxim Suraykin with a demand to immediately lay off the deputy head of Penza city administration Yuri Ilyin for falling behind the deadline in the heating season.

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In particular, the address urges the Penza region authorities to be rigid “in the face of the failure of heating season in the main city of the region,” while Yuri Ilyin “must pay with his office” for not acting accordingly with his obligations.

Moreover, the letter available to PenzaNews agency points out that while the governor Ivan Belozertsev indeed had criticized the Penza administration deputy head, this could have been a trick to maintain positive image.

“Thousands of people suffer from the lack of heating, children in schools and kindergartens, patients in hospitals are freezing. A regular public shaming is not enough for that,” Maxim Suraykin stresses.

In the opinion of the party’s central committee, the situation in Penza may attract attention from the law enforcement authorities, as heating providers could have acquired supply contracts through bribes or nepotism.

“The urban amenities situation in Penza must be in the focus of the law enforcement authorities. There is a possible case of graft, and it must be thoroughly investigated,” Maxim Suraykin urges.

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