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Mikhail Usov finally states position on week-and-half old heating bills situation

12:17 | 10.10.2015 | Politics


Penza, 10 October 2015. PenzaNews. Mikhail Usov, coordinator of the Penza regional branch of the Liberal Democratic Party, has stated his position on the heating bills situation in Penza, a week and a half since it became the focal point of public and media discussions in the Penza region.

Mikhail Usov finally states position on week-and-half old heating bills situation

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“As far as I know, heating tests must be included in the tariffs by the heating supply organizations. It is possible they decided to tax people twice – through tariffs and through new bills,” he noted.

According to Mikhail Usov, the suppliers have no rights to demand management companies, or the people, to pay for heating tests.

“As we see, the door-stopper history of chaos in the Penza urban amenities field goes on. First people began receiving two bills at once, then many management companies who had been receiving people’s money for years went bankrupt. And now, the auction-chosen management entity is trying to take people’s money through bills that date back to 2012 to cover up its own debts? I find it inacceptable,” said the leader of the Penza LDPR branch.

He also added he “did not pay on that bill on a principle,” and urged other people to follow his example.

“According to the Penza city administration decree, the 2012 heating season began on October 16, and the test run of the heating season took place the week before. That means people were obligated to pay for heating as of October 16, while any heating before that was at the expense of the supplier. It is a mystery to me why the city authorities act in an unusual manner by trying to distance themselves away from people’s problem. The reason is either lack of will to work, or lack of skill by officials,” the press service of the regional LDPR branch quotes Mikhail Usov.

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