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Civil expert council to form following Penza region governor’s initiative

11:15 | 14.11.2015 | Politics


Penza, 14 November 2015. PenzaNews. The Penza region governor Ivan Belozertsev has proposed an idea of a civil expert council that responds directly to the head of the region.

Civil expert council to form following Penza region governor’s initiative

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“During the election campaign, many of you did and continue to offer me help and support in implementing new plans, projects and programs designed to improve life in the Penza region, which I am thankful for. I see your sincere intention to take part in solving our common issues can be met with nothing but positive reaction and support on all levels of authority,” he pointed out.

Ivan Belozertsev stressed that he plans to actively enroll civilians in social and economic policy-making process.

“To reduce social risks related to taking these decisions on the regional management level in orienting development of the Penza region, I am beginning to form the civil expert council that will analyze the most urgent regional social and economic issues and develop ways out, discuss potential concepts, draft laws and management solutions,” the governor said.

He offered all Penza region citizens with active stance on the life of the region to get involved in discussing the issues of the day and use their experience, knowledge and skills as civil experts.

“My hopes are you will be able to provide impartial and unbiased opinion to projects you will be asked to review. I greatly value your opinion, and I need your expert evaluation. I offer everyone to become members of the expert community to the Penza region governor, and be involved in discussion of important regional issues. Each of you will be able to express their opinion, advise on discussed issues, take part in expert and analysis procedures and develop regional development projects and programs. Your generalized opinion on most relevant issues, as a consolidated position of all civil experts, will be used in preparation and final decision-making,” Ivan Belozertsev added.

According to the web portal of the regional government, anyone can apply for being added to the civil council by submitting a request for the e-mail application form, filling it in, and then sending it back to the same e-mail address.

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