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Ivan Belozertsev criticizes local Health Ministry, threatens Stryuchkov with layoff

09:31 | 16.11.2015 | Politics


Penza, 16 November 2015. PenzaNews. The Penza region governor Ivan Belozertsev has harshly criticized the work of the regional Health Ministry during the November 16 regional government meeting session held on Monday.

Ivan Belozertsev criticizes local Health Ministry, threatens Stryuchkov with layoff

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Discussing the report on the public immunization program, the head of the region expressed his doubt over the correlation between the statistics and the real picture.

To prove his words, he asked those present at the meeting with flu shots to raise their hands: only less than 7 people did.

“The statistics – we wrote, we reported. The actual figures differ, as you see,” Ivan Belozertsev pointed out.

He urged Vladimir Stryuchkov, head of the Penza region Health Ministry, to double-check all reports from chief medical officers.

The governor also stressed the importance of scrutiny for activities of the regional compulsory medical insurance fund.

“Everything is tightly interconnected in our healthcare system,” he explained.

Ivan Belozertsev told the present officials of his talk with a former nurse in the city hospital No 3 during the recent meeting with citizens, who told him “the things that make your hair stand on end.”

According to him, the head of the hospital treated the medical staff with no respect, but with unacceptable language, even though the latter was recently recommended for Honored Doctor status.

“Health Ministry, be so kind as to inspect this. […] Even such people lose their job, and so can you,” Ivan Belozertsev addressed Vladimir Stryuchkov.

Developing the topic further, the governor also pointed out that the primary medical assistance campaign “is such a failure, it is a downright shame.”

“The big heads always find a way to ask for assistance with a call, while common people suffer. Plan your work, analyze it over the past 5 years. For every area, for every local hospital, for every rural health post, for every lethal case – with clear conclusions on the reasons behind and the trends ongoing,” the head of the region instructed.

Ivan Belozertsev issued Vladimir Stryuchkov a reprimand for failures in work.

“Do analysis – on punishing or laying off the doctors that fail this work, fail to provide medical assistance to our citizens; I will support it. Let’s tidy it up,” he concluded.

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