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Valery Plakhuta struggles to name even one “A Just Russia” party achievement in Penza

11:55 | 18.12.2015 | Politics


Penza, 18 December 2015. PenzaNews. Valery Plakhuta, chairman of the Penza region branch of “A Just Russia” party, director of “Anshlag” advertising agency, held a speech during the 32nd regular session of the Penza region Legislative Assembly as a non-represented party member, where he chose to describe only the general outlook of his party and struggled to name any actual deeds done by his political colleagues in the region.

Valery Plakhuta struggles to name even one “A Just Russia” party achievement in Penza

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“As you know, the party ‘A Just Russia’ began its formation on 29 August 2006 with the signing of the document that marked the birth of a new party – the agreement on principles for merge between parties ‘Rodina,’ ‘Russian Life Party’ and ‘Russian Pensioners Party.’ According to the party leadership decree, The date of 28 October 2006 is celebrated as the birthday of ‘A Just Russia’ party – the only political power in Russia to fight for social justice and equality not with words, but with deeds,” he stressed.

Among other things, Valery Plakhuta said “A Just Russia” worked with such issues as pension indexation, including for employed pensioners, social, healthcare and culture funding cuts, increased tax load, capital repair bills and more on the federal level.

Following the speech, deputy Nikolai Lukyanov for the United Russia party faction asked him a question.

“In the beginning of your speech, you said you [‘A Just Russia’ party] are the only political party to fight for the good of people’s lives not with words but with deeds. And yet in your brief speech I heard no actual facts on what and where you did something. You gave a long tirade on corruption and more, but we’d only be able to say you really are doing something only if you’d name at least one example where you initiated anything and ‘sniped’ somebody for taking bribes. Right now, the only thing you do is proclaim. What do you say?” he asked.

In return, Valery Plakhuta pointed out that “the remark is quite justified.”

“But, as the Old Testament says, ‘In the beginning was the Word.’ That means, only when we all carry this idea through ourselves, realize the fundamental evil that obstructs us going further, then is when I think our regular lives will undergo a significant change,” said the leader of “A Just Russia” branch in Penza.

The next person to ask a question was Georgy Kamnev, first secretary of the CPRF regional committee, had of the CPRF faction in the Penza region Legislative Assembly.

“Many, just like you and your party, voted against the new federal budget draft submitted by the Russian Government. There are a plethora of other issues and complaints aimed towards the Government. What is the attitude of your faction and your party to the federal government? Should it be disbanded, or should it remain as it is?” asked the deputy.

Valery Plakhuta’s answer to this question as somewhat elaborate.

“Perhaps I didn’t draw attention to the fact that with voting against the budget project, ‘A Just Russia’ faction aims to display its attitude to the actions of the current government. That is, we think the government currently is not using the methods it should have employed to restore social justice. That is why ‘A Just Russia’ faction offers – I want to emphasized that – an alternative budget project with notes on where to get the funds and what must be the funding priorities to not put our country under a potential of protests. Sadly, as all present here do realize, the country currently lives through a tough period, and we have tough calls to face. Everything is just the beginning, trust me,” said the chairman of ‘A Just Russia’ branch in the region.

“So, what is your opinion: should the government go or stay?” Georgy Kamnev reiterated his question.

“Definitely should go,” Valery Plakhuta stressed.

In turn, Ivan Belozertsev, Penza region government, presented his comment on the speech by the non-represented party member in the region, and pointed out that the opposition movement practically all the time advocates to introduce bonus deductions and cancel certain taxes, such as the transportation tax.

“We cancel the tax, and what about refilling the budget? We have a breach in the budget right now – on federal, on regional, on municipal levels alike. And how must we repair the roads, how to pay for that? How must we form the road fund, where to take the money, what would be the payment? Today, for example, we see no alternatives for that namesake transportation tax,” explained the head of the region.

The regional authorities do as much as they can to adopt measures for support of SMEs and citizens in need, he stressed.

“We all want the sun to shine every day, good weather all around, good time for everyone, but how? So far, no faction is able to achieve that. So now there’s this riding the protest wave, trying to earn cheap public support through such proposals, speculating on various issues arising in our life,” Ivan Belozertsev noted.

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