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Georgy Kamnev announces CPRF Penza region committee plan for 2016

13:26 | 24.12.2015 | Politics


Penza, 24 December 2015. PenzaNews. Georgy Kamnev, leader of the Penza regional Communist Party branch, deputy of the Penza region Legislative Assembly, has announced the 2016 plans of the regional Communist Party committee during the open-doors Communist faction session in the regional parliament that took place in the Assembly’s grand hall on Thursday, December 24.

Georgy Kamnev announces CPRF Penza region committee plan for 2016

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He began his speech by pointing out its unusual format, as that was the first time it is held in the Legislative Assembly building and in the presence of members and supporters of other parties.

“In my opinion, we could hold such meetings somewhat regularly, if nobody minds that,” Georgy Kamnev said.

After a rendition of The Internationale, the first secretary of the regional CPRF branch began his report.

“We are on the verge of a change. This change comes from the grand crisis of capitalism, and our internal Russian problems. The crisis that began with the falling oil prices and dropping ruble currency exchange, continued with the sanctions and countersanctions, and turned into a vast social and economic crisis that our country has not seen since the freewheel 90s. This also proves that the life standards and public income dropped for the first time in 15 years – a direct flashback to the later 90s,” the leader of Penza Communists stressed.

According to him, the main elements of the current crisis is growing social tensions, increased pressure on the social field, including healthcare and education, and bad conditions for industry and agriculture development.

Also, Georgy Kamnev pointed out that the economy issues led to a political crisis with dropping respect to the ruling party and increased activity of unstructured oppositions with various funding sources, including money coming from abroad.

There are four scenarios for the country in the future, he suggested.

“Preserving the status quo and tightening the screws further. If this scenario comes true, the authorities will be increasing the repressions to keep the situation under control. […] The second scenario comes in if nationalists come on top. In that case, we will be seeing increased separation voices in nationalistic regions, armed conflicts in the Caucasus, a direct road to territorial breakdown. The third scenario, with liberals coming to power, will ensue further life standards decrease, last remains of state property being privatized, remaining industries getting leveled. Notably, the second and third variants can easily combine, like we’ve seen in Ukraine where liberals and nationalists acted as a solid entity in spite of the previous rows. And, finally, the fourth variant will come if patriotic social powers led by the Communist Party grow powerful,” he said.

According to Georgy Kamnev, only the fourth variant is the viable way out for the Russian deadlock.

“That is why the Communists have responsibility for the country’s future on their shoulders,” he claimed.

Because of that, the party have determined five objectives for itself in 2016, said the regional CPRF branch first secretary.

The first objective is to increase work to publish the weekly newspaper, he said.

“We already changed the newspaper format to make it easier to read and distribute. We changed the design and style of writing. It is important for us to know your opinion on further improving the work of the regional Party branch,” the deputy pointed out.

The second objective, he said, was attracting new constant members into the regional committee – the reason behind the communal services and healthy lifestyle schools that have the potential to become full-scale civil movements.

The third most important task for Georgy Kamnev is getting feedback from Party supporters, which is why they are getting information through quiz forms in their newspaper and launching the hotline.

“The fourth is increasing the respect and forming a recognizable image of the party and its leaders. […] The fifth is to form the prospective team for municipal elections through attracting local notable personalities,” explained the first secretary of the regional CPRF branch.

In conclusion, Georgy Kamnev stressed that even though these “small steps” will not resolve the global issues, they will help the party to “grow muscles” “and meet the future forearmed.”

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