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Kamnev records video address to Putin, presents own vision of Lenin in history

13:19 | 23.01.2016 | Politics


Penza, 23 January 2016. PenzaNews. Georgy Kamnev, first secretary of the Regional Committee of the Communist Party, deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Penza region, published a video address to the Russian President Vladimir Putin in his blog. In his new recording, he explained his disagreement with the head of state over the latter’s saying that the first head of the USSR Vladimir Lenin “set a nuclear bomb under the building called Russia.”

Kamnev records video address to Putin, presents own vision of Lenin in history

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“It was not Lenin who demolished the Tsar Empire. It was demolished by the greedy and ineffective Tsar bureaucracy that used Russian people as cannon fodder in the world war that was completely not beneficial for Russia. Russia was demolished by the pomeschiks, the landowners, who did not want to give land to peasants. Russia was demolished by the ‘elite’ that did not want to give education, food or freedom to the people. Lenin managed to glue together pieces of the rubble left of the demolished Tsar Empire, and create a new state, a much stronger one – the Soviet Union. He recovered for Russia the now-lost Ukraine and Transcaucasia, he prevented the Americans from capturing the Far Eastern regions, and the English from capturing the Russian North. During the toughest years, Lenin defended this state from an intervention of a grand total of 13 countries who wanted to occupy our lands at the time of weakness,” said the leader of Penza Communists.

He also quoted the grand duke Alexander Mikhaylovich Romanov in emigration who said that “none other than Lenin the internationalist stood on guard of Russian national interests.”

“Lenin saved our country from total ruin and becoming a colony to ‘the Western partners.’ And the Soviet Union was brought down not by Lenin, but those who shunned his idea of international friendship. The USSR was murdered by Yeltsin, Kravchuk, Shushkevich, Nazarbaev. Just recently, Vladimir Vladimirovich, you opened an enormous center dedicated to Yeltsin, one of the murderers of the USSR,” reminded the first secretary of the Penza CPRF regional committte.

In his opinion, in the state created by Vladimir Lenin, “people feared no dollar exchange rate spikes, no dollar price slumps […] were not feeling fear while receiving communal bills by mail.”

“The state created by Lenin had the best medicine and education, free of charge – which are, by the way, on the verge of being destroyed by governmental reforms. Lenin eradicated the epidemic of corruption that was rife in the Tzar Empire – no less than in the modern Russia, by the way. Lenin fulfilled the most effective modernization plan of its time – the electrification plan. The nowadays so-called modernizers have something to learn from him,” Georgy Kamnev said.

He also commended on Vladimir Putin saying “we did not need the international revolution.”

“Vladimir Vladimirovich, you are saying that ‘we did not need the international revolution.’ But it was thanks to the idea of the international revolution that today we have friends in the world other than the army and the fleet. Cuba, Vietnam, China, Venezuela, the very Syria – are our friends thanks to Lenin’s idea of the international revolution. Sadly, many of those friends were left by Russia for ‘the Western partners’ to destroy, like it happened to Libya,” noted the deputy of the Penza region Legislative Assembly.

He also asked to “draw a line between the ‘orange’ revolutions orchestrated by the enemies of our state, and a true revolution that gave our country a strong impulse for development, transformed the illiterate, dark and agrarian country into a strong nuclear super-state.”

“The French people, for example, remember their Revolution, and only we spit on the heroic pages of our history like children who forgot their ancestors. Most importantly, Vladimir Vladimirovich, do not repeat the mistakes of Nicholas the Second who sucked the last money out of the people to satisfy the Rotenbergs of his time, leading the country to a social explosion. During the times of the tough crisis, we, Communists, ask you, Vladimir Vladimirovich, to take lessons not from Nicholas the Second and Yeltsin, but from Lenin and Stalin. Then we will succeed,” concluded the leader of Penza Communists.

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