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United Russia Penza branch leader comments on Party convention results

17:50 | 06.02.2016 | Politics


Penza, 6 February 2016. PenzaNews. Valery Lidin, chairman of the Penza region Legislative Assembly, secretary of the regional United Russia party branch, highlighted the main points in the report by the Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev, leader of the Party, during the plenary meeting of the 15th convention of the Party in Moscow that took place on Saturday, February 6.

United Russia Penza branch leader comments on Party convention results

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During a phone interview, Valery Lidin pointed out that the speech by Dmitry Medvedev was as concrete as possible.

“The points in his report included the agenda for the nearest future,” stressed the speaker of the regional parliament.

He pointed out that the Party chairman’s statement featured the already adopted decisions, including in support of agriculture, metallurgy, certain areas of chemical industry, mechanical engineering, and other developing fields of national economy.

According to Valery Lidin, in his report Dmitry Medvedev mentioned an increase of social payments and financial aid to children by 7%, and increase in insurance pensions to all non-working pensioners by 4% with a second indexation in discussion, and an agenda to improve the situation for the seniors through 2025 which had been approved by the Russian Government decree.

In addition, the chairman of the Legislative Assembly said he sees importance in listed achievements on practically eliminating long queues to kindergartens through building over 1,500 new preschool institutions, and implementation of the “Zemsky Doctor” program which has been extended into 2016 and now covers participants under 50 and urban-type settlements.

In the comment to the speech by the leader of the United Russia party, Valery Lidin also stressed that the Russian PM issued a decree to confirm the updated list of vital and most important pharmaceuticals for the year, which will be active starting from March 1 – it has been extended compared to the previous year’s, which is expected to hold the trend of unreasonable medication price growth.

The Leader of the United Russia branch in Penza added that during the event, Dmitry Medvedev introduced a number of important and timely proposals, including a motion to extend the mortgage interest rate subsidizing program.

The chairman of the Penza region Legislative Assembly noted that the Party proposed to preserve a unified imputed income tax and extend it for three years to support the business. Moreover, Dmitry Medvedev supported the initiative to double the maximum revenues amount for business using a simplified tax system up to 120 million rubles.

In addition, Valery Lidin listed as other important initiative the proposal to simplify the tax service inform scheme for the self-employed, which implies the self-employed people would be able to live tax-free for 2-3 years, after which they must decide on their preferred tax system.

Moreover, the secretary of the regional United Russia party branch highlighted the idea to create a party platform to support business initiatives where they could use it with the businesses to generate initiatives in business regulation and improvement of investment climate.

Also, Valery Lidin pointed out that proposals by the Penza delegation were reflected in the Party leader’s report and in the final document of the convention, such as in the SME tax legislation amendments.

“All proposals included in the final document of the convention will be implemented in concrete actions,” stressed the chairman of the Penza region Legislative Assembly.

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