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Penza region State Duma deputies declare their 2015 incomes

12:07 | 16.04.2016 | Politics


Penza, 16 April 2016. PenzaNews. The official website of the Russian Duma has published the information on declared incomes and estate liabilities of its deputies for the Penza region and their families from January 1 to December 31 of 2015.

Penza region State Duma deputies declare their 2015 incomes

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According to official data, the declared annual income of Sergei Yesyakov (United Russia faction) is 17,770,943 rubles – three times more than a year ago – while his wife earned about 17 million rubles over the period of 12 months.

The list of Sergei Yesyakov’s property includes two land plots – 1,332 and 956 sq. meters – for individual housing; two houses of 266 and around 294 sq. meters; a quarter share in a flat of 121 sq. meters; three car garages; a steam bath of around 100 sq. meters; a Can-Am Outlander Max XT snow and swamp vehicle; and a BRP Sea Doo RXP-X jetski.

His wife’s property includes a half share in five non-residential premises ranging from 176 to 363 sq. meters; a 3/5 share in a non-residential space of 289 sq. meters; a quarter share in a flat of about 121 sq. meters; two flats – about 68 and 106 sq. meters; a garage; and a Mercedes-Benz GLK 300.

Nikolai Makarov (United Russia faction) declared his income at 8,516,129 rubles – about twice more than a year ago; while his wife declared income at 1,436,162 rubles.

The deputy owns a dacha land plot of 1,800 sq. meters; a house with outbuildings for nearly 395 sq. meters; a 1/3 share in a flat of 123 sq. meters; and a Mercedes-Benz ML 350.

The deputy’s wife owns two flats – almost 60 and 39 sq. meters; a 1/3 share in a flat of 123 sq. meters; a car park lot; and a Mercedes-Benz E200 Coupe.

The income of Igor Rudensky (United Russia faction) over 2015 increased by more than 1 million rubles, up to 4,735,560 rubles.

He owns: two dacha land plots of 6,921 and 1,292 sq. meters; an 8/10 share in a flat of nearly 354 sq. meters; a garage; a non-residential space of around 333 sq. meters; and a VAZ-21099.

The declared income of Vladimir Simagin (CPRF faction) also increased by less than 1 million rubles – up to 4,834,711 rubles. He owns a flat of 44.5 sq. meters, and an Audi Q3. His wife, whom he married in August 2015, earned 114,503 rubles over the past year.

According to information published on the Russian Duma website, deputies Alena Arshinova, Anton Ischenko and Tamara Pletneva are also related to the Penza region electorate.

The declared 2015 income of Alena Arshinova (United Russia faction) is 4,923,581 rubles. Based on the published information, she still has no real estate or vehicles in her private property.

Anton Ischenko (LDPR faction) earned 4,767,069 rubles over the past year, while the income of his wife reached a sum of 24 kopecks (0.24 rubles).

However, the deputy’s wife owns the following property: a flat of 32.8 sq. meters; two agricultural land plots of 107,000 and 168,000 sq. meters, and five more land plots of 21,000 sq. meters each; a house of 236.9 sq. meters; a 44/100 share in a house of 51 sq. meters; a flat of 69 sq. meters; a Hyundai ix35; and a Mitsubishi ASX.

The declared annual income of Tamara Pletneva (CPRF faction) reached 5,063,115 rubles. She owns two flats of 102 and around 94 sq. meters; an indoor parking space; and a Nissan X-Trail.

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