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Eleven Penza region deputies resigned instead of disclosing incomes

13:03 | 20.04.2016 | Politics


Penza, 20 April 2016. PenzaNews. 11 deputies from a number of areas in the Penza region have resigned instead of disclosing the information about their incomes, property and property liabilities, announced the deputy chairman of the regional government Vasily Trokhin during the anti-corruption coordination committee session on Wednesday, April 20.

The deputy chairman of the regional government Vasily Trokhin

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“The reasons are different. A fairly small share from those who declined simply do not want their spouses, children and others to know how much funds they have on their accounts. There are some of them, they are few, but they do exist. […] Some of those who declined [to disclose information] have accounts abroad and wished to avoid publicity in this issue,” he explained.

As Vasily Trokhin clarified, all deputies in question were working in the areas of the region, and none of them were members of the Penza city Duma or the regional Legislative Assembly.

“The people declined outright. According to our information, they don’t have too much in the income department, and the property’s something normal, so to say. Still, they showed no intentions to do so,” he added in his report.

According to him, 99% deputies in the regional representative bodies already provided the information about their incomes, expenses, property and property liabilities for disclosure.

“481 deputies out of 487 did so, without [counting] the city of Penza. Moreover, we have 99% of town and village deputies: 2,815 out of 2,835. 26 deputies so far did not provide information on their incomes, expenses, property and property liabilities due to various reasons: these include deputies in the representative body of the Kamenka, Narovchat, Neverkino and Serdobsk areas – one deputy each there, and two in the Lunino area, for a total of six deputies,” said the deputy chairman of the regional government.

As Vasily Trokhin pointed out, 20 deputies from local governance councils still did not disclose their incomes.

“20 Penza Duma deputies still did not provide information about their incomes, as the deadlines to do so is April 30,” he added.

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