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Poll results: Kamnev, Levin hold lead in Penza region single-mandate election districts

17:35 | 05.08.2016 | Politics


Penza, 5 August 2016. PenzaNews. As the Russian State Duma election approaches, 23.2% of Penza region citizens plan to give their votes for Georgy Kamnev (CPRF) in the election district No. 146, while 12.8% of the voters intend to choose Leonid Levin (“A Just Russia”) in the election district No. 147, provided that the election would have been held on the upcoming Sunday, according to the public poll held by “Penza Molodaya” civil foundation.

Poll results: Kamnev, Levin hold lead in Penza region single-mandate election districts

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In the election district No. 146, voters also give their favor to Sergei Yesyakov from United Russia (16.4%).

At the same time, 6.4% plan to voter for Lyudmila Kolomytseva (“A Just Russia”); 2.4% – Pavel Kulikov (LDPR), 1.2% – Sergei Korobov (Patriots of Russia); 0.6% – Alexei Pakaev (Rodina); 0.2% – Andrei Nikiforov (“Communists of Russia”); and another 0.2% – for Anatoly Alexyutin (Russian Environment Party “The Greens”).

Moreover, 50.6% of the voters are still undecided.

In the election district 147, 82.% of the voters would give their support to Dmitry Filyaev (CPRF); 3.2% – Alexander Vasilyev (LDPR); 2.6% – Vasily Melnichenko (Russian Environment Party “The Greens”); 0.6% – Andrei Mamonov (Rodina); and 0.2% each – Dmitry Gaynullin (Growth Party) and Victoria Dobrovolskaya (“Communists of Russia”).

At the same time, 72.2% of the election district voters are still undecided.

The street poll involved 1,000 people aged 18 and older, registered as permanent residents of election districts No. 146-147.

The poll was held in 2016 between July 29 and August 3, with pollsters chosen evenly by gender, age and residence in the Penza region.

The statistical deviation for the poll is 3.1%.

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