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Agreement “For Fair Elections” signed in Penza

13:55 | 15.08.2016 | Politics


Penza, 15 August 2016. PenzaNews. Representatives of nine regional branches of political parties, registered and operating on the territory of the Penza region, signed a cooperation agreement for the election of deputies to the Russian State Duma on Monday, August 15.

Agreement “For Fair Elections” signed in Penza

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The ceremony was held in the small hall of the Legislative Assembly of the Penza region.

Their signatures to the agreement on the establishment of committee “For Fair Elections” were put by the representatives of the regional offices of the following parties: United Russia in the name of Valery Lidin, KPRF — Georgy Kamnev, “Yabloko” — Vladimir Garkin, “Rodina” — Vladimir Popkov, Russian ecological party “The Greens” — Alina Mozhachkina-Gribanova, “The party of growth” — Andrey Ptitsin, “Patriots of Russia” — Marina Svishcheva, “Communists of Russia” — Valery Khlystov and “The Russian Party of Pensioners for Justice” in the person of Pyotr Chugai.

Each party agreed to forward to the committee two their representatives.

The parties acceded to the document agree to carry out campaign activities in accordance with Russian law, and recognize that all candidates have equal rights and duties.

Addressing the gathering, the chairman of the Legislative Assembly of the Penza region of the fifth convocation, the secretary of the regional branch of United Russia Valery Lidin expressed hope that the document will serve as a good basis for debate in a civilized environment, meetings with voters and public events.

“This is very important because we all try to unite efforts aimed at stability in our society, to achieve the results that we have today in the industry. [...] This unity allows us to achieve good results, which today distinguish our region in terms of stability and economic growth potential of the economy and social sphere in the future,” the leader of United Russia Penza said.

The positive effect of the agreement was also stressed by the chairman of regional “The Russian Party of Pensioners for Justice” Pyotr Chugai.

In turn, the first secretary of the regional committee of the Communist Party, deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Penza region of the fifth convocation Georgy Kamnev expressed the opinion that this agreement will bring together various political forces in the fight against violations, including in the most remote corners of the region.

“It should [...] be brought to the local authorities, the areas, in order to keep it honest and clear. [...] Some say that everyone should be equal, but some are more equal,” the leader of the Penza communists noted.

The representatives of other parties who came to the meeting joined to the above.

For various reasons, the agreement “For Fair Elections” was not signed by the regional branch of the Liberal Democratic Party, “Fair Russia” and “Civic Platform.”

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