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Vyacheslav Gladkov comments on accepting position of deputy governor of Sevastopol

17:58 | 30.08.2016 | Politics


Penza, 30 August 2016. PenzaNews. The head of Zarechny administration Vyacheslav Gladkov, who was offered the post of deputy governor of Sevastopol, commented on his resignation from the post of the city mayor and explained what objectives the new place of work set for him.

Vyacheslav Gladkov comments on accepting position of deputy governor of Sevastopol

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“I have never looked for another job. And one of the reasons that made me accept the offer is that I do not worry about Zarechny. Of course, I have had an impact on the development of the city, but there is an effective system, there are professional managers and, most importantly, active and enterprising people,” he said in an interview with “Zarechie segodnia.”

Vyacheslav Gladkov noted that Sevastopol is a bright, lively and interesting city, and the locals have much desire to participate in public life.

He also said that he knew the Acting Governor of Sevastopol Dmitry Ovsyannikov for 6 years.

“We talked on the strategic development and urban concepts of cities. Today, I feel positivity of those people that Dmitry Ovsyannikov gathers in his team. They have a drive. I find it interesting and honorable to work in this team,” the mayor of Zarechny stressed.

Responding to a question about the problems to be resolved as vice-governor of Sevastopol, Vyacheslav Gladkov explained that one of them is reforming local self-government.

“They need more authority to better address the problems of the residents. It is necessary to formulate and enact legislation in which the interests of Sevastopol residents will be laid. The city has a lot of features: it is divided into four districts, and each district has 10 municipalities. Sevastopol is a small country, where there are cities and rural settlements,” he said.

Vyacheslav Gladkov also expressed his readiness to quickly readjust to new tasks and scope of work.

“In Zarechny I was in charge of the municipal authority, and there it is the state one. Here I am the first person responsible for everything, whether it is in my power or not, and in Sevastopol I will be one of the deputy heads of the region. I will work in the team of Dmitry Ovsyannikov. My powers will be more specific. But at the core both here and there are the interests of the residents. It is important for me as to how Sevastopol residents evaluate the quality of my work,” he said.

Zarechny mayor added that Sevastopol and Zarechny had a lot in common.

“Although Zarechny does not bear a status of a city of federal significance, but we are used to feeling like people who have a special state task. This is the first similarity. Secondly, Sevastopol also has many retired people who have completed the state task, who are responsible and demanding. It is clear and close to me. The more challenges come my way, the more interesting the work gets. We, the people of Zarechny, never give in to difficulties,” Vyacheslav Gladkov summed up.

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