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Penza United Russia supporters march for Vladimir Putin's policy line

14:46 | 19.09.2016 | Politics


Penza, 19 September 2016. PenzaNews. Members and supporters of “United Russia” took part in a rally organized on Lenina Square in Penza on the occasion of the victory of the ruling party in the elections to the State Duma of the seventh convocation, and also in support of the political course of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Penza United Russia supporters march for Vladimir Putin's policy line

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Among those present were a large number of employees of budgetary institutions, as well as students. They carried the Russian flag, the flags of the party and the public organization “Young Guard of United Russia.”

“I thank all the residents of the Penza region, who came to the elections yesterday, on the 18 th [...]. Over 60% of people came to vote, which is 10% higher than the average result in Russia,” Governor Ivan Belozertsev addressed the gathered.

He added that this proved the active position of the citizens of the region who care about the future of the country.

In turn, Valery Lidin, chairman of the Legislative Assembly of the Penza region, the Secretary of the regional department of “United Russia” drew attention to the fact that the vote results also spoke in support of the state's policies.

“I thank political parties, which in an open competition conducted civilized campaigns. Thanks to the media for objective coverage of the election campaign,” the speaker of the regional parliament noted.

Sergei Esyakov, who won in the 146 th single-seat district with 63.97% of votes, also addressed the Penza residets.

“Yesterday we had the most important political event of the year — the election to the State Duma. By this very high turnout, the Penza residents proved that [...] they are not indifferent to how the country will live, the Penza region, how we all will live. The Penza residents proved that they want stability, they want development, that is why they voted for “United Russia,” he stressed.

Sergei Esyakov added that the results of voting impose great responsibility upon him, and promised to justify the expectations.

In addition, Ivan Firyulin, former minister of agriculture of the Penza region, head of APC “Petrovsky,” and senator Victor Kondrashin also spoke to the gathered.

The speech of the Honored Artist of Russia, artistic director of the Lunacharsky Drama Theatre, the deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Penza region, the authorized representative of Russian President Sergei Kazakov was very emotional.

“My friends, look how beautiful you are! Look at each other! Do you know why? Because you were able to win! You won over selfishness, you listened to your heart and your mind. Now imagine Russia in bird's-eye view — it is not only beautiful nature. It is interesting, wonderful people. And every voice is the man’s destiny, the man’s family. Every voice is you. To the victory! To the victory! To the victory,” he shouted.

Then, singer-songwriter Violeta Muravina performed two songs for the gathered. Before the performance, she admitted that she voted for “United Russia” and is proud of her choice.

After the festival, the officials descended from the stage to Lenina Square and talked to the citizens, had the photos taken.

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