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About 50 people come to meeting with State Duma deputy Tamara Pletneva in Penza

17:07 | 26.10.2016 | Politics


Penza, 26 October 2016. PenzaNews. About 50 people came to the meeting with the head of the State Duma committee for family, women and children, the leader of the All-Russian Women’s Union “Hope of Russia” Tamara Pletneva in Penza on Wednesday, October 26.

About 50 people come to meeting with State Duma deputy Tamara Pletneva in Penza

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At the beginning of the meeting, Tamara Pletneva thanked those gathered for their support in the election.

“It is the second time you help me become a deputy of the State Duma. Honestly, I have never let you down. I am actually working hard, I speak for every issue related to our people’s lives, I do a lot of queries – I try to help when people ask me to,” she said.

Also, the deputy of the State Dume from the Communists Party described the forthcoming activities in the lower chamber of the parliament and noted that work is going to be more difficult in the nearest future.

“There was adopted a law that every vote […] is 110 rubles. Depending on how many people voted for us, the government transfers money to the party, to its existence. […] The sum was pretty decent. It became possible to open job positions here, at the local level, in regional committees, hire people here, who will get small but salaries across the country, we managed to start organizational work. […] Now there are 42 people – funding was cut by half. Therefore, all first secretaries, all job positions that were opened will be limited. So, of course, the work will be even more difficult,” Tamara Pletneva said.

After her speech, the most active members of the party in the Penza region were awarded honorary diplomas and books by Artur Lazarev “Woman. Teacher. Deputy. Dialogue with Tamara Pletneva.” Among those recognized were Victor Khomets, Vladimir Bityunsky, Nina Bystrova, Nikolai Melnikov, Vladimir Zazerin, and Alexei Bulanov.

Then, everyone could ask Tamara Pletneva questions. One of those who came to the meeting asked who the party is going to nominate as a candidate for the President of Russia.

“I was probably in Shemysheyk. One person stood up and said, “Tamara Vasilievna, go up for the presidency.” I laughed of course. Each of us is thinking who we are going to propose. We are all thinking.  Anyway, Gennady Andreevich is thinking too. I think he will not be nominated for the post. We have [a candidate], but he remains unnamed,” the deputy added.

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