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Alexander Vasiliev: LDPR activists were not invited to citywide rally

13:30 | 04.11.2016 | Politics


Penza, 4 November 2016. PenzaNews. Coordinator of LDPR regional branch Alexander Vasiliev said that the party members did not receive an invitation to take part in the citywide rally dedicated to the National Unity Day, held on Lenina square on Friday morning, November 4.

Alexander Vasiliev: LDPR activists were not invited to citywide rally

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“The holiday of national unity exists, however, we can see that there is no national unity itself. It is not the first year we hold an event here. Traditionally we were not invited to the citywide event. I don’t quite understand this attitude: we live in the same country, we work pursuing the same objectives, we improve lives of our citizens, but we are ignored. […] It is either they do not consider themselves a nation or they do not consider us a nation,” the leader of the Penza liberal democrats said at a rally near the building of the former “Rodina” cinema, which gathered about 80 members and supporters of the party.

Alexander Vasiliev did not specify who exactly was supposed to invite LDPR activists to Lenina square and what could prevent them from joining the main festive event on their own initiative.

The party members, gathered at the rally, were holding placards and banners with slogans: “LDPR: Russia is our common home!”, “LDPR: Get up, great Russia!”, “LDPR goes ahead! People go with LDPR!.”

During the event, new party members were given ID cards.

In the end of the official part, everyone received memorable gifts.

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