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Prosecutor's office plans to seek termination of powers of 14 Penza City Duma deputies

13:42 | 31.03.2017 | Politics


Penza, 31 March 2017. PenzaNews. The prosecutor's office plans to seek execution of the anti-corruption legislation with regard to early termination of powers of 14 Penza City Duma deputies who submitted incomplete or inaccurate information on income in 2015. This was said by the Leninsky area prosecutor Evgeny Zudikhin while commenting on the results of the 32nd regular meeting that was held on Friday, March 31.

Prosecutor's office plans to seek termination of powers of 14 Penza City Duma deputies

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"The prosecutor's office submission for the early termination of deputies' powers can be either answered or refused. In fact, today it was decided to 'take into consideration'," he said to journalists.

Evgeny Zudikhin noted that deputies delayed consideration of this case on purpose.

"Till the very last moment, our submission was not brought up for discussion at the City Duma meeting. The corresponding decision was taken in the evening and we immediately reported about it," the prosecutor of the Leninsky area explained.

According to Evgeny Zudikhin, it is not him who speaks about the necessity to confirm the fact of the violation committed by 14 deputies, but it is the results of the investigation conducted by the supervisory department as well as by the permanent City Duma commission.

"There is a legal requirement that a deputy violated the law, which presupposes only one kind of responsibility, that is resignation," Evgeny Zudikhin emphasized.

Answering to the question about further actions of the prosecutor's office, he said that at first it is necessary to wait for the final decision of the City Duma.

"Later, we will inform the mass media about the concrete actions that the prosecutor's office will take in regard to this issue," Evgeny Zudikhin added.

The prosecutor of the Leninsky area gave only a brief comment on the deputies' remarks that it would be unreasonable to deprive them of their powers.

"They are free to give any comments," he said.

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