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Rally against Vasily Chernyshov's participation in primaries held near "United Russia" office in Penza

16:40 | 11.05.2017 | Politics


Penza, 11 May 2017. PenzaNews. The pensioner Vladimir Stalash held a rally near the office of the regional department of the "United Russia" faction. The man was the only participant of the protest during which he opposed participation of the head of the Belinsky area administration Vasily Chernyshov in primaries for subsequent nomination as a parliamentary candidate to the Legislative Assembly of the Penza region of the 6th convocation.

Rally against Vasily Chernyshov's participation in primaries held near "United Russia" office in Penza

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On the banners, which the man placed next to the entrance, it was written that "residents of the Belinsky and Kamensky areas are against of Chernyshov's becoming a deputy". They also contained an appeal to Vasily Chernyshov not to shelter himself behind "United Russia" and to take part in the elections as a self-nominated candidate.

As Vladimir Stalash, member of the ruling party, told PenzaNews, he became determined to hold the rally after the authorities ignored a residents' opinion: first, the people collected over 2,000 signatures for the official's dismissal from the office, then they held a meeting in Belinsky demanding his resignation.

"And still he is being pushed forward to the straw vote [...]. We express our discontent with him and he is being pushed," the interlocutor noted.

According to the pensioner, if Vasily Chernyshov firmly decided to take part in the elections of the deputies of the regional parliament, he has to take part as a self-nominated candidate but not as a member of "United Russia".

He expressed hope that the regional headquarters of the faction will react adequately to what is going on in the Belinsky area, which has been headed by Vasily Chernyshov since July 2011.

"We have complete understanding there. But here they only hold sessions and we have not met yet," the pensioner noted.

The only participant of the rally noted that if needed he will hold new protests.

During the time that a PenzaNews correspondent interviewed the protester, nobody came out from the "United Russia" office.

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