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Georgy Kamnev has meeting with Andreas Günter in Berlin

18:10 | 14.08.2017 | Politics


Penza, 14 August 2017. PenzaNews. The leader of Penza communists, deputy of the regional Legislative Assembly, presidium member of the Central Committee of CPRF Georgy Kamnev, who is on a working visit in Berlin, met with the head of the international policy department of the Left Party ("Die Linke") Andreas Günter.

Georgy Kamnev has meeting with Andreas Günter in Berlin

Photo: Kprfpenza.ru

They discussed progress of election campaigns conducted before elections to German Bundestag and Legislative Assembly of the Penza region, and talked about violations of electoral legislation.

Welcoming the guest from Russia, Andreas Günter noted that the Left Party had close ties with CPRF and that they would like to develop contacts with the regional department of the communist party.

In turn, Georgy Kamnev told him that the CPRF composition had been greatly renewed after a party congress conducted recently: the experienced leader Gennady Zyuganov surrounded himself with young and committed people.

He also invited representatives of the German Left Party to visit Penza in autumn so that they can see how elections to the regional parliament in one of constituent entities of the country are conducted as well as how work of the regional CPRF department is organized.

Andreas Günter thanked Georgy Kamnev for the invitation and promised to convey it to party leaders noting that representatives of the Left Party would be interested in such a visit.

He also spoke about the progress of the election campaign, which featured a lot of different activities including rallies, concerts and motor races.

Answering to Georgy Kamnev's question as to who Russian-speaking population of Germany prefers, Andreas Günter said that they normally supported conservatives or right-wing populists even though the Left had been trying to gain their support.

The leader of Penza communists noted that people in Russia keep a close eye on the situation in Europe and on decisions made there – in particular on those that are connected with sanctions.

Andreas Günter reminded that the Left had always opposed introduction of the restrictions.

"It is clear that Angela Merkel's party will remain the leading party in the country but the question is with what other parties it will form the coalition government. A lot depends on it," the German politician explained.

According to him, despite strengthening of nationalist positions in a number of European countries, the Left are also growing in strength, which can be observed in Great Britain and France.

Georgy Kamnev expressed regret that the current authorities do not listen to CPRF's opinion and rely on right-wing forces in Europe, even those these are the Left who often support Russia.

"It is clear that if the leadership of our country seeks support from European left-wing parties, then the authority of the political left will increase in Russia. This is what the government is afraid of," the press service of the CPRF regional department quotes the leader of Penza communists.

Within the framework of his visit to Berlin Georgy Kamven intends to hold a number of working meetings with German politicians and public figures.

On Sunday, August 13, he had a meeting with the leaders of the forbidden in Ukraine organization "Borotba" Sergey Kirichuk and Victor Shapinov – the communists visited a memorial complex in the Treptower Park and laid flowers to the monument to the Soviet Liberator Warrior.

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