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Preparations for rally against political pressure on candidates for deputy made in Penza

11:02 | 19.08.2017 | Politics


Penza, 19 August 2017. PenzaNews. A rally against political pressure on candidates for deputy is planned to be conducted by representatives of the Communist Party of Russia in the Dzerzhinsky public garden in Penza on Sunday, August 20, at 16.00.

Preparations for rally against political pressure on candidates for deputy made in Penza

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The CPRF regional committee thinks that the mass media controlled by the government lead a dirty and unprecedented on its scale information war against the party and that the election campaign in the Penza region is conducted with violations.

As an example, the communists mentioned the situation in the Serdobsky area, where the election committee refused to register a list of candidates for the city meeting of representatives and the Sazansky village council, as well as the situation in the Lopatinsky area, where the police arrested agitators.

In addition, according to CPFT activists, in the countryside representatives of administrations steal campaign materials from post-boxes and intimidate candidates for deputy into giving up participation in the municipal elections.

In addition, the communist headquarters pay attention to the issue of Anton Stolyarov, candidate for deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Penza region from the CPRF faction, pointing to the fact that he was dismissed from the position of the head of radioisotope diagnostics laboratory by an order of the chief medical officer of an oncology dispensary.

Previously, the head of the medical institution Vitaly Serebryakov explained that this was not about dismissal but about reforming the departments starting November 1 and that Anton Stolyarov "still occupies the same post".

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