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Georgy Kamnev: Penza mayor must be elected by region wide vote

08:53 | 20.10.2017 | Politics


Penza, 20 October 2017. PenzaNews. The leader of Penza communists, deputy of the regional Legislative Assembly, presidium member of the Central Committee of CPRF Georgy Kamnev thinks that Penza mayor must be elected by region wide vote.

Georgy Kamnev: Penza mayor must be elected by region wide vote

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 "The head of the executive power of the city must be elected on a region wide scale, only then changes will be possible," the secretary of the CPRF regional committee said commenting on the suggestion of Yuri Zinovyev, deputy of United Russia, that the position "head of Penza" should be changed into "chairman of the Penza City Duma".

He added that in general he supported the initiative of the deputy but also expressed confidence that the changes would not give any result.

"In fact, the proposed amends retain the functions and change only the title. The chairman of the City Duma will have the same powers as the head of the city," the press service quotes the leader of Penza communists.

That is why according to Georgy Kamnev, more substantial changes are required, such as for example direct elections of the Penza mayor, which the Communist Party advocates.

In early October, during the online conference in the news agency PenzaNews, the head of the Penza administration Victor Kuvaytsev answered to the question regarding his attitude to direct elections for the position of mayor, which was asked by the head of the Communist Party's press service Sergei Padalkin.

“I treat all activities established by law positively. Because of the fact that the document of entitlement of the Russian Federation does not provide for such a procedure, I am indifferent to the proposal,” Victor Kuvaytsev said.

The head of the city of Penza is the highest official of the municipality.

They have powers of the chairman of the Penza City Duma and are elected from a certain number of deputies. The Penza head represents the city in relationships with local government bodies and other municipal establishments, public authorities, citizens and organizations. Without power of attorney, they act on behalf of the city of Penza.

Since December 23, 2015, the position has been occupied by Valery Savelyev.

The head of the Penza administration is an official who heads activities of executive and administrative authority of the local government body.

They head the Penza administration on the principles of undivided authority and are appointed to the position of the Penza City Duma head from among candidates selected as a result of a competition. The head of the city concludes the contract with the head of the Penza administration.

At the moment, the position of Penza mayor is occupied by Victor Kuvaytsev, who was unanimously elected at a City Duma session on December 16, 2015.

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