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Campaign in support of physician Anton Stolyarov held in centre of Penza

09:49 | 24.11.2017 | Politics


Penza, 24 November 2017. PenzaNews. The Left Front held one-person protests in support of the head of radioisotope diagnostics laboratory of the Penza oncology dispensary Anton Stolyarov in connection with his actual dismissal from the position starting December 1, which the movement activists consider to be politically motivated because of the doctor's participation in the elections to the Legislative Assembly of the region as a representative of the Communist Party.

Campaign in support of physician Anton Stolyarov held in centre of Penza

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The coordinator of the Penza regional department of the movement Victor Khomets was the one who started the protests. He stood next to the entrance to the parking area of the regional government with the Left Front flag and a banner with an inscription "Mr. Egorov, why was doctor Stolyarov dismissed?"

Then, the attributes were handed to the Left Front activist Andrei Artemov.

As he explained to the PenzaNews correspondent, the inscription on the poster was based on the assumption that it was Sergei Egorov, who had been doctor's competitor at the elections and contributed to the dismissal of Anton Stolyarov. Currently, Egorov is the deputy chairman of the Legislative Assembly of the Penza region.

"They say that because of Anton Stolyarov's political activities all his researches were closed under the pretext of optimization. He remained a doctor but stopped to carry out scientific work," the interlocutor said.

According to the activist, by participating in the protest he intends to draw attention of the authorities and the society to the problems of pressure on people who stick to opposition opinions.

The action was of particular interest to the security officer of the regional parliament, who enquired about its objectives.

Passers-by and deputies of the Legislative Assembly, who arrived with their cars to the parliament building before the start of the regular meeting, also paid attention to the protest.

The deputy of the Communist Party Alexei Petrov greeted Andrei Artemov from inside the car. None of the deputies approached the public activist.

According to observations of the PenzaNews correspondent, the deputy Sergei Egorov, who the poster was aimed at, did not pass the protesters. Supposedly, he arrived at the building of the Legislative Assembly before the campaign began.

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