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Media: Searches were conducted in flats belonging to Valery Savin

20:08 | 15.12.2017 | Politics


Penza, 15 December 2017. PenzaNews. Police agents conducted searches in flats that belong to the former vice governor of the Penza region Valery Savin, against whom a criminal proceeding under Part 3, Art. 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "Fraud" previously had been initiated relying on materials of the Federal Security Service. This was stated in Valentin Manuylov's article "Savin's Money? Or black money of Putin's headquarters?" published in the 45th issue of Ulitsa Moskovskaya newspaper.

Media: Searches were conducted in flats belonging to Valery Savin

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"The police agents started their work in the afternoon [on December 13] and finished late in the evening. If we believe the information that Savin allegedly possesses a dozen flats, it is unclear how the agents managed to conduct searches in all the flats so fast and to find several dozens of millions of roubles in cash. Which, of course, were seized as evidence of Savin's alleged corruption activity," the author writes.

He reminds that having left the post of vice governor voluntarily Valery Savin continues his work "as the actual head of Vladimir Putin's election headquarters in the Penza region" regularly making trips to areas and giving orders not only to United Russia activists but also to heads of administrations.

"People in the areas are surprised of course, they call the regional centre but receive assurance that Savin acts within the limits of his powers and his orders should be executed. In the context of such information, it is possible to assume that the police agents confiscated black money of Vladimir Putin's election headquarters in Penza or a part of it. At least people who know Valery Savin do not understand, where dozens of millions of roubles could appear from in the flat of this naive Komsomol member," Valentin Manuylov writes.

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