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Media: Putin's visit to Penza may take place in the end of January

13:55 | 19.01.2018 | Politics


Penza, 19 January 2018. PenzaNews. President of Russia Vladimir Putin may visit Penza in the end of January. This was stated in Valentin Manuylov's article "Putin for the fifth time?" with a reference to an unnamed source, published in the first issue of the newspaper Ulitsa Moskovskaya this year.

Media: Putin's visit to Penza may take place in the end of January

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Based on the analysis of Vladimir Putin's previous visits to Penza – on October 11, 2005, January 23, 2008, April 29, 2011, and October 15, 2014 – the source suggests that "a new visit fits into the logic of the actions of the presidential administration".

"There will be elections, which Putin will definitely win because he has no competitors. However, even the only possible candidate should be active, travel around the country, meet with voters. Penza is good in this sense. Putin is known and loved in a special way in Penza," Valentin Manuylov writes.

As noted in the publication, experts of Ulitsa Moskovskaya agree on the fact that the level of the support for the head of state in the Penza region may equal 75-80%.

"[...] During his first presidential elections on March 26, 2000, Putin received 49.34% of votes in the Penza region, during the second ones on March 14, 2004 – 64.56%. Finally, after the break, when he delegated the authority to Dmitry Medvedev, at the elections on March 4, 2012, Vladimir Putin received 64.27% of votes in the Penza region with the presence of 68.13%," the author of the article adduces the data.

He also suggests that "Vladimir Putin will almost certainly be offered to visit not only the newly built perinatal centre but two-three enterprises successfully operating under the conditions of western sanctions.

"Let's say an enterprise of the military-industrial complex or defence industry. The range of enterprises in this sphere is not large but at the same time not small. There is also an enterprise of processing industry, which has made its way into foreign markets. [...] And if the president does visit our city [...], any talks about the imminent change of Ivan Belozertsev on his post as a governor will stop," Valentin Manuylov writes.

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