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Anna Kuznetsova assumes she got into Kremlin List because of Crimea

17:15 | 30.01.2018 | Politics


Penza, 30 January 2018. PenzaNews. The Children's Rights Commissioner for President of Russia Anna Kuznetsova does not exclude that she got into the so-called "Kremlin List" of the United States Department of the Treasury due to her visit to Crimea and help to local families.

Anna Kuznetsova assumes she got into Kremlin List because of Crimea

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"It is a great fun to get into a Washington list, heterogeneous and strange in its structure – it looks like a diagnosis to analytical abilities of American 'experts'! I wonder why I also got into it. Maybe due to the fact that we demanded answers about the fate of adopted Russian children? Maybe due to work in Crimea and Sevastopol? Yes, these were the first regions in Russia I visited as a children's rights commissioner. We helped to orphanages, in Crimea we learned about the issue of maternity capital for children whose mothers had died before the reunion of the republic with Russia. Now according to a new federal law the capital can be received by their fathers. There were also a number of cases related to statelessness of children, the lack of some documents and urgent need for treatment, which we had to solve together with the Crimean authorities. In a good way I am proud of this job," the children's rights commissioner wrote on her profile on Facebook.

Anna Kuznetsova also suggested that her name "happened to be in a telephone directory".

"The sanctions and lists can influence neither me nor my work. But what I feel really sad of is that interests of children, Russian children, who are currently abroad and need help and protection can be sacrificed to political 'bonuses'. Hopefully, this will not happen," she said.

According to Anna Kuznetsova, the fact of inclusion of a children's rights commissioner in the Kremlin List indicates that "interests of children is not a priority to people who drew it up".

"And not only interests of children from other states but of their own country too. They have a number of problems with children there. If I was a mother somewhere in California or Texas I would suggest the Government of America taking care of their children, not of Russian politicians," the children's ombudsman summed up.

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