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Penza governor indignant at fact that his orders not executed

12:06 | 23.04.2018 | Politics


Penza, 23 April 2018. PenzaNews. Penza region governor Ivan Belozertsev expressed indignation at the fact that his orders are not executed within established deadlines.

Penza governor indignant at fact that his orders not executed

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As an example he mentioned a transportation sector reminding that last year he demanded that all stops should be announced in buses and trolleybuses.

As it was explained by the head of the regional Ministry of Industry, Mikhail Torgashin, there is a technical possibility to do this and many routs do have announcements of stops but difficulties emerged with the transportation company Merkury.

After these words, the governor lashed out at the minister.

"Look, you are useless! You are useless, indeed! The governor and local authorities gave you an order. You are talking about ‘horrors of civilian life’ and difficulties you face. There is an order and it must be executed. It is dictated by residents' requests and the culture we should form," Ivan Belozertsev said at the action meeting in the regional government on Monday, April 23.

He also asked whether transportation on a number of routes in areas of the region had been resumed as he had ordered.

Mikhail Torgashin reported that as of last week, the total number of routes increased by 11% that is to 198 routes and the number of trips – by 73% and amounted to 185.

"There are areas where the order has not been executed yet and the work is still conducted," he explained noting and this is largely due to financing.

On hearing this, Ivan Belozertsev urged Mikhail Torgashin not to force him to dismiss the official and to punish the deputy chairman of the regional government, Valery Bespalov, who is in charge of activities of the Ministry of Industry.

"Raise the protocol. Who is responsible according to it? Prepare proposals for the imposition of disciplinary penalties. There can be no postponements without my consent. If I set timing and we discussed them, they are real and must be fulfilled," he said turning to the acting head of the governor’s staff, head of the Penza region gubernatorial operation office, Alexei Panin.

The region head asked what areas the order had not been fulfilled in.

"The Bekovsky, Zemetchinsky, Issinsky, Pachelmsky, Spassky, Penzensky, and Shemysheysky areas confirmed the amount of budget funding. Changes are planned in the Kolyshleysky and Serdobsky areas. In the Belinsky, Vadinsky, Nizhnelomovsky, Nikolsky, Sosnovoborsky and Tamalinsky areas the amount of finance for covering municipal costs for carriers is not adequate," Mikhail Torgashin said.

In connection with the situation Ivan Belozertsev made a remark to the head of the department of the control over execution of managerial decisions of the Penza region government, Igor Penzin.

"Let your department take control over the execution of orders, otherwise I will eliminate it," he threatened.

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