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Andrei Luzgin: Penza should be a city convenient for residents and tourists

11:50 | 21.10.2019 | Politics


Penza, 21 October 2019. PenzaNews. Unaffiliated Andrei Luzgin, 38, the first deputy chairman of the Penza region government, who claims to be the head of the Penza administration, is convinced that the regional centre should be a convenient city for residents and tourists.

Andrei Luzgin: Penza should be a city convenient for residents and tourists

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"The city should be convenient and comfortable for every resident, [...] and for all tourists coming to our city. All residents, both in the city centre and in remote suburbs, should have equal access to social and communal infrastructure as well as transport. The city should be convenient for everyone," Andrei Luzgin told journalists before entering the hall where the commission for the contest for filling the vacant post of Penza administration head meets.

Answering the question of whether one has to expect resignations in the mayor's office if his candidacy is supported by the competition committee, and then by the deputies of the City Duma, Andrei Luzgin called it premature.

"It goes without saying that the work of each employee, each team member should be evaluated according to the results. Now, I think this is a bit premature question. It's probably important that team members share a common vision, which is a matter of the future," he explained.

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