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Valery Lidin notes benefits of political competition in Penza region

14:38 | 05.11.2019 | Politics


Penza, 5 November 2019. PenzaNews. Valery Lidin, secretary of the Penza region's department of United Russia, chairman of the regional Legislative Assembly, noted the benefits of political competition, which had been observed in the region lately.

Valery Lidin notes benefits of political competition in Penza region

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I think it is a positive trend creating the conditions in which one has to prepare and train oneself, mobilize the strength and prove one's worth by real participation both in political life and in the implementation of those party projects that are supported by our population nowadays," he said at the 29th conference of the United Russia's regional office held in Lermontov Regional Library on Tuesday, November 5.

Valery Lidin pointed out that party projects covered almost all spheres of life, and the work on them "is carried out systematically, competently and very responsibly".

At the same time, the leader of the regional United Russia's office said that there was not enough interaction with voters, which, in his opinion, could be called the main shortcoming in 2019.

The secretary of the party's office expressed hope that the situations when a deputy does not show up in an electoral district or does not respond to the appeals of residents, would become a thing of the past.

"This isn’t supposed to happen today because people have learned [...] to choose the worthy ones. Therefore the way we work and interact will be evaluated by merit," Valery Lidin said.

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