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Exhibition in remembrance of victims of faith opened in Penza public garden

16:46 | 07.11.2017 | Religion


Penza, 7 November 2017. PenzaNews. The exhibition "The Righteous Will Be Saved by Faith" organized in memory of Penza new martyrs and confessors was opened in the M.Y.Lermontov public garden opposite the Spassky cathedral under construction.

Exhibition in remembrance of victims of faith opened in Penza public garden

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Seven double-sided stands installed in a circle in the centre of the public garden feature photographs or icons with images of the people who was subjected to persecution and accepted a martyr's death. The banners also include information about the people's exploits.

Penza citizens can learn more about lives of 20 personalities: John Dneprovsky, John Kalinin, Gabriel Igoshkin, Eve Pavlova, John Pavlov, John Artobolevsky, Filaret Velikanov, Methodius Ivanov, Vasily Nadezhdin, Euphemiy Goryachev, Hermogenes Dolganev, Augustine Belyaev, Alexander Urodov, Vasily Gorbachev, Aretas Nasonov, Theodore Smirnov, Thaddaeus Uspensky, Paulinus Kroshechkin, Theodore Smirnov, and Tychon Nikonorov.

One of the stands contains quotes of the Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill.

The exhibition also includes portraits of the Emperor Nicholas II and his wife with excerpts from their letters to each other. Such stands have a mark "Worlds about love".

A typographical error was made in one of the texts. In the quotation "But I am quite certain that none of these husbands love their wives as much as I love you" taken from a letter of Nicholas II to his wife, the word "love" has no letter "o".

Another three stands located in the centre of the public garden are included in the exhibition "In the Heart of Penza". They include a panoramic view of the city at the beginning of the 20th century, a photograph of the original appearance of the cathedral and its interior, as well as a reconstruction project and historical footage of the Soviet era.

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