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15 small innovative enterprises created at Penza univercities

08:26 | 10.02.2012 | Society


Penza, 10 February 2012. PenzaNews. 15 small innovative enterprises working out new equipment and technologies were created at Penza universities. Most of them are at Penza State University.

“In particular, one of large enterprises, “Energotrend” manufactures metering devices for housing and communal services. MIP “Dzhoulmed” created 2 year ago is working out devices for various diseases diagnostics, including cancer tumors,” informed Sergey Kochkin, the chief of innovative-analytical department of Penza state university.

As he said, at the work of such devices is based on estimation of electrochemical properties of biological fabrics, as quantity of ions in healthy and sick cells is different.

“Such devices will help in operations especially connected with removal of neoplasm. The method developed by Penza specialists gives a chance to define operatively borders of healthy and sick fabrics,” head of MIP “Dzhoulmed” Sergey Gerashchenko explained.

He noticed that enterprise plans to broaden application of devices based on estimation of electrochemical properties of biological fabrics.

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