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Stations of weight control to be placed on leading roads of Penza region

12:18 | 09.04.2012 | Society


Penza, 9 April 2012. PenzaNews. About 10 stations of weight control will be placed on roads of the Penza region in the nearest future. The head of the region Vasily Bochkarev gave the corresponding assignment to the Deputy Prime Minister, the chief of regional government of the industry, transport and power, Yury Bykov during operative meeting in the regional government on Monday, April 9.

Stations of weight control to be placed on leading roads of Penza region

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"It became impossible to drive on the Penza routes after this winter so that the road cloth is broken at all by supersize wagons. Meanwhile, the payment for large-tonnage cargo isn't often raised from owners of trucks, though they should pay for repair of our roads," the head of the region emphasized.

He noted that by means of stations of weight control of supersize wagons existing in the Penza region, it is impossible to trace movement of all wagons in the region territory.

"Some trucks go to Penza by other routes and some simply go round these stations of weight control through the villages or by adjacent roads. We should install such stations on all leading routes of the region and watch movement of wagons, so as to repair an asphalt covering at their expense," Vasily Bochkarev told.

He also added that at a competent approach and efficiency of realization of his assignment the established stations of weight control will be able to pay back themselves in some months.

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