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Housing service prices to be raised by 6% in July, and 5,1% more in September

13:06 | 26.06.2012 | Society


Penza, 26 June 2012. PenzaNews. The growth of rates for the cold water supply and sewerage will have two stages in 2012. In the Penza region according to the limits of rate growth indices approved by the Federal Rate Service, from July 1, housing rates will increase by 6%, and from September 1 they will grow 5,1% more.

“Hot water supply rate will also grow in two stages: from July 1 by 6%, and 5,6% more from September 1,” reported the press service of the Department of rate regulation and energy conservation of the Penza region.

From July 1 the population of the region will pay 5,45% more for electricity and 15% more for gas supply.

“The Department calculated the amount of payment for housing services in 2011 and 2012 for the average apartment in Penza with total area of 52,4 square meters, and three people registered in it. In total, housing payments for the people living in such an apartment will grow by 4,5%. The comparable index in 2011 was 11%,” pointed out the press service, stressing that the rate growth recommended by the Government of the Russian Federation will not be exceeded.

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