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Five new trees to be planted to replace each felled one in Zarechny

13:35 | 18.09.2012 | Society


Zarechny, 18 September 2012. PenzaNews. A new form of restoring the greenery cut during the construction is found in Zarechny, the Penza region.

The Head of the city administration Vyacheslav Gladkov stating his views at the meeting on the restoration of the greenery said that aggressive felling of trees should be followed by their active planting — each felled tree should be replaced by five newly planted ones.

“In this regard, the head of the city administration signed a decree with the list of the construction companies and number of trees they are to plant. Currently, the contracts are being signed, and the necessary types of trees and the places of planting are discussed,” reported the press service of the city administration.

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